Mark Wahlberg adds car salesman to resume

The actor opened up about family life and his upcoming film, "Mile 22."
7:58 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Mark Wahlberg adds car salesman to resume
Whoo hoo! You know, for you guys we're going to bring out an incredible guest. He does it all. Among the jobs, rapper, model, producers, car dealer and he's an Oscar nominated actor. He's starring in the new movie "Mile 22." Please welcome the one and only Mark Wahlberg. ?????? Good to see you, brother. You look so sharp. Good to see you. Looking like a business man coming out here. Once in a while. My mother might be watching. He looks so great in his suit I want to take mine off and burn it. We just rattled off all those job titles. You do everyone well. Now you're in the car business. Yes. Give us your sales pitch. I want to buy a car. Talk to me. New or used? Leased? I'll put you in a beautiful traverse, brand new, all star. We're not giving you a low mortgage -- I'm sorry a low interest rate. You're going to pay extra because you got a lot of money. You do more jobs than I do. I've always been -- my last job that I was really passionate about I worked as a mechanic. I did tune-ups, oil changes, drove a tow truck. You gave me that pitch. I'll pay you extra just for that. We'll take care of you've and give you a loaner. I've seen his collection. He's good. You recently celebrated your nine-year anniversary with your beautiful life. We've been together 18 years, but married nine. How did you celebrate? We did our own thing. I took her shopping. We went to the Chanel store. I just sit there. Did you hold the purse? No I just counted the number of purses she was buying. Anything my wife wants. Happy wife happy life. She's allowed me to pursue my passions and she's raised four children. And happy children too. I have a 14-year-old about to be 15-year-old daughter. That's a challenge. Everybody says they come out the other side. She's here today. We're letting her meet a friend and a little trust. I feel your pain. If she doesn't do the right thing, all that goes away. Your boys are into football. Yes. How are you on the sidelines? Now I'm delegated to security which allows me to get on the field. My wife is a football mom now. She went from saying we don't want him playing football to now he's going to be in the NFL draft. I said what if he decides to do something else? She's the one that takes him to practice. She's on it. I can't watch the patriots in my own home anymore because she's obsessed. She used to go away on the weekend if the patriots lost. If they lost, she would want to be away with me. Now I can't watch the game with her. She's an absolute crazy person. She thinks the kids are going to win the super bowl. Would you rather them be athletes or actors? I want them first of all to pursue academics. They're going to choose what they want to do. I'm building all these great businesses hopefully I can pass on to them. Whatever they decide. My son, if he wants to be an artist or entertainer, we'll support them. I encourage them to get the best education possible so they have a back up plan. All right. "Mile 22" baby. I watched it last night. Whew. It's intense. It is intense. Did you have to prep? I did a lot of weapons training in the past. For me -- Pete berg and I this is our third movie. This is our idea of tune and having a good time doing something intense like this. He just wanted me to be as in shape as possible. In "Patriots day" I was overweight cop. In "Deep water horizons" I was overweight oil worker. He just wanted me to get ripped. Every night he tried to get me to drink wine. You know, it's one of those things where I was not happy because I wasn't eating. As soon as we got to Columbia and at the tail end of the field, I was able to end what I wanted. I had to rewatch the ending three times. It's a great twist. You want to see a little bit? You're not going to see the ending? Here it is. Start of an operation is like the start of everything else. Anything can go right. Anything can go wrong. Diplomacy is option one. Military is option two. When one and two go wrong, there's one thing left. That's us. We're the third option. Three times I had to rewind it. You play a lot of intense characters. Who would you want to add to your over watch team? Kad from "Transformers" or dusty from "Daddy's home". I would have to say dusty. Season nine of "Wahlbergers." Congratulations. Thank you. The business is expanding. Did the family fighting expand as well? Paul is frustrated with the amount of growth. We're opening another ten stores this year and then another 40 planned for next year. He's such a perfectionist. He wants every customer's experience to be perfect. We created this technology called the virtual visitor. At the press of a button he can be in any store. There's a whole tech aspect we're building to the business. Are you the baby of the family? I'm the youngest. Same here. The youngest of nine. I always had to grind. All three of us are the babies of the family. Who is really the boss in our families? You know what, other than mom, yes absolutely. I give mom that. Really love this film. You watched the ending three times. That's great. It's a character driven movie. You don't expect the ending but that gives us an opportunity to come back and do the next one. "Mile 22" with Mark Wahlberg in theaters on Friday. Coming up we'll tell you how

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"The actor opened up about family life and his upcoming film, \"Mile 22.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57167162","title":"Mark Wahlberg adds car salesman to resume","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/mark-wahlberg-opens-mile-22-57167162"}