Ousted Grammy CEO alleges show is rigged

The recording academy was accused of tampering with nominations and votes in a new complaint by ex-CEO Deborah Dugan.
5:50 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for Ousted Grammy CEO alleges show is rigged
Now to the latest on the grammys. The ousted CEO filing a complaint against the recording academy alleging she was sexually harassed and also claiming that voting for the grammy awards is essentially rigged. Amy is here with more on this complaint. Got our attention. Oh, it certainly did, robin. Good morning. Accusations are flying back and forth between Deborah Dugan and the academy since she was placed on administrative leave last week, but Dugan's claim of voting irregularities has the makings of a major scandal. With just four days to go before music's biggest night, new bombshell allegations are hitting the grammys. The recording academy accused of tampering with nominations, voting and even who gets to perform on that iconic stage. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene Reporter: A new complaint to the equal opportunity commission filed by ousted CEO and president Deborah Dugan claims the grammy voting process is a boys' club complaining the grammy nomination board rigged the process saying it manipulates the nominations process to ensure that certain songs or combums are nominated adding the members of the board and the secret committees chose artists with whom they have personal or business relationships. We were just kids when we fell in love Reporter: In 2019 Ed sheeran whose song "Perfect" spent more than a year on billboard's hot 100 and Ariana grande who seemingly owned the airwaves with "Thank U, next" both missed out on the song of the year nominations despite earning enough votes and a mission the complaint attributes to an outrageous conflict of interest within the nominating process. There's always been a fair amount of skepticism around the process and how does it really happen. If I were an artist and found out I lost a nomination due to politics, I'd be angry. Reporter: There has long been controversy about grammy winners, whether it's Adele in 2017 saying she wished Beyonce had won. I can't possibly accept this award. My artist of my life is Beyonce and this album for me. The "Lemonade" album was so monumental, Beyonce. So monumental. Reporter: Or macklemore sweeping the rap categories. I want to say thank you. Reporter: He reportedly sent a text apologizing to Kendrick Lamar. Dugan, the first woman to hold the job, was appointed to replace Neil portnow who faced backlash in 2018 for his response to criticism over a lack of female nominees saying, it has to begin with women. They need to step up. But Dugan alleges another member of the academy had accused Mr. Port now of sexual assault. Dugan also claiming she was sexually harassed by a different executive at the academy for decades. Port now has not returned ABC news' request for comment. But the academy is firing back saying it was Dugan who created a toxic and intolerable work environment and engaged in abusive and bullying conduct. The academy adding they immediately launched independent investigations to review both Ms. Dugan's potential misconduct and her subsequent allegations. As we said the grammys are just four days away and, of course, people will be, I think, anxiously awaiting the results of these investigations. I do believe. Chris Connelly will join us from L.A. To talk more about this. Okay, we've been talking about it during Amy's piece. These are stunning allegations. I don't think a lot of us are that surprised, so what is your take, Chris? Well, I think for fans and for artists, the sad part is that these nominees now have to be viewed with suspicion and skepticism. You know, we've certainly heard before questions about the way in which artists are nominated for the grammys. That's not new. But to hear from an ex-ceo with this kind of detail making these sort of allegations about how those nominations come into being is a shocking thing. I mean, think about the most scary moment in the average horror movie. It's when the call is coming from inside the house. This call is coming from inside the house. It's a big deal. Only you could put it in perspective like that, Chris. When you look at it the complaint says some of the board members who vote on the nominees, that they actually have a relationship or represent some of the nominees. That just seems on face value to be a conflict of interest. Yeah, and that's self-dealing is the thing that really strikes at the heart of these allegations here. You know, integrity and fairness is the most important thing in any nomination process and whatever the role of this committee in terms of deciding with commercial considerations or artistic considerations who the final nominees would be, you cannot have a pay for play you know, where somebody is advocating for an artist because he or she has a business relationship with them. Remember, it's not just an award that goes on your man tellpiece. A grammy has an economic benefit for the person who gets it or gets nominated for it. They get to get a higher royalty rating and get to sell more tickets so it's a real thing. Do you think it will have an impact on this weekend's show? The great thing we love about the artists we enjoy when this he see an open mic they speak their mind. On the red carpet, the podium and backstage there will be open mics and the great artists who become famous because they speak their mind and speak from the heart will get that opportunity to speak out and I bet that they do, robin. By threat that they do. You're right, Chris. Always a pleasure. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"The recording academy was accused of tampering with nominations and votes in a new complaint by ex-CEO Deborah Dugan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68445859","title":"Ousted Grammy CEO alleges show is rigged","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ousted-grammy-ceo-alleges-show-rigged-68445859"}