Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 92nd birthday

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex join the annual "Trooping the Colour" festivities in celebration of the Queen's birthday.
2:34 | 06/09/18

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 92nd birthday
Not everyone gets to celebrate their birthday twice a year but royalty comes with a different set of rules. It certainly does. Today is the day that queen Elizabeth officially celebrates her birthday which is actually in April but it is known as the trooping the color and while she's a big deal some newlyweds might be stealing the spotlight and ABC's Julia Mcfarlain joins us from Buckingham palace with more. Julia, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Paula and whit. Yeah, as you can see, a huge crowd here this morning. People have been queueing for hours not just to celebrate the queen but also to try to catch a glimpse of our new American duchess. Royal watchers lining the streets of London, phones held high trying to snap a picture of duchess Meghan pretty in pink waving to the crowds alongside her husband prince Harry out in full military regalia. The royal family are joined to celebrate the queen's official birthday today. First out Camilla and duchess Kate on maternity leave but there to support the queen. William and Charles followed the queen on horseback. The 1st battalion standing to attention as the queen inspects her troops. ?????? all of that before returning to Buckingham palace joining the youngest Royals, little prince George and princess Charlotte, baby louie still too young to make an appearance. For the first time duchess Meghan will join her new family on that iconic balcony. At the end of a glorious day of ceremony for Meghan now the duchess of Sussex coming out onto that balcony iconic as it is and seeing the crowds calling out for the queen and the royal family, it'll be quite an impressive day, and it will remind her that she's part of something that really has its roots in the greatest elements of history, and it's marking a moment in her life and certainly that of the United Kingdom. Reporter: And duchess Meghan's initiation as a royal doesn't end today, freshly back from her honeymoon and straight to royal duties. Next week she's heading out on her first solo outing with the queen when they open a new bridge in the north of England demonstrating duchess Meghan's integral and growing role in the British royal family. And, yes, of course, that upcoming trip with the queen is being seen as a hugely positive encouraging development. Royals expecting her to name her first patronage soon, probably something along the lines of female empowerment. Stay tuned. Paula, whit. Julia, we know you are a new member to the "Gma" family and it's your first appearance on the weekends and just want to say welcome. Lovely to see you. Thank you so much. Great to be part of it.

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{"id":55770924,"title":"Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 92nd birthday","duration":"2:34","description":"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex join the annual \"Trooping the Colour\" festivities in celebration of the Queen's birthday.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/queen-elizabeth-celebrates-92nd-birthday-55770924","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}