Shaggy dishes on his new album, “Hot Shot 2020”

The reggae artist modernized his diamond-selling album, “Hot Shot,” which debuted 20 years ago.
2:14 | 07/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shaggy dishes on his new album, “Hot Shot 2020”
Time for our summer concert series. She's been singing to me all morning. Because it's shaggy. You can't help but start singing. He's one of the top three streamed artists of all time on Spotify and one of the flies clearly celebrating the release of his new album "Shot shot 2020." "Hot shot" is 20 years old. Can you believe it? You've been in the game a long time. Boy, I been -- yeah, I've been around. It doesn't feel like it because these songs are so recurrent on radio constantly, it's 20 years already? Why did you want to update? Some of your biggest hits are from the album. Why did you want to dust -- not dust them off but update them in some way? I was asked to do an anniversary -- almost a remaster of it to commemorate the anniversary. I was like, I don't know that want to do it. I said why don't I rerecord them. Put new production on them. New vocal and present them to these younger audiences because there's so many young people that are doing tiktoks to like "It wasn't me" and some are doing it and they weren't bor when it was out so I want them to experience what we did in our time but just the way they do. You mentioned tiktok. Have you seen this banana drop challenge? Have you seen this thing? Clearly you have. If people don't know, people don't know, your album includes "Banana" with a new take on Harry belafonte's song. What do you think about it? Absolutely wonderful. Big ups to conkarah who brought the idea to us. I was skeptical in doing it because I did it in996 on my album but I went ahead and produced it and created the music with me and my team and, you know, I said, wow, this kind of came out really, really good. What I really love about it is the fact that everybody who does it looks so happy. It's like a family affair. That's what we need in these A good point. You make us happy every time you're a guest on "Gma." So good to see you and we are

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"The reggae artist modernized his diamond-selling album, “Hot Shot,” which debuted 20 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71709896","title":"Shaggy dishes on his new album, “Hot Shot 2020”","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/shaggy-dishes-album-hot-shot-2020-71709896"}