Top 10 movies of 2020 (so far)

Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers shares his list of the best movies released in the first six months of 2020.
13:40 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Top 10 movies of 2020 (so far)
Hi everybody it's Peter Travers that popcorn again coming to you remotely from my studio on Cape Cod which is actually just. And because we've hit a six month. Point this year I thought it would be under about 100 best. East of the year so. Now we know what happened this year the first half buyers raise your Lowe's olive branch aired and yet nothing Cho. The findings heard. So here's. A best. All available to stream. And I'll work my way up from hands war. Are. Cheating on a Hamilton. LT and yes came in that are over the wire but. It's oak people so what is it didn't make a whole movie this I'd never heard about now it's a life capture. A 2016. Broadly warm and show with the original cast just before the original cast all. How much it cost CM and maybe a lot of you weren't in new York and it never see it. It's amazing. People who lit by the show's creators Lynn man well Iran. Yeah who directed this yeah nine. Record show and that most dynamic recording of a state production. I've ever seen. And the whole history the panel to telling us and dollar founding father who was in immigrant. Play by Whitman armory and who is also. And he decided to cast nonwhite actors as each historical figures. And that started a revolution in the theater. He's (%expletive) It's America been told by American. You will not find it sure they are and what. Make my list she had three days. She. OK number god. Number nine is the earliest movie that was released this year all these you know remember back in January and whenever her co ninety. Headline grabber land was viruses sexual arrest. If you like work. Vermont there will look at this media says he's from the writer director. And it's about it offices and played by o.s are you these are. And she worked are predatory movie mogul might be Harvey Weinstein. But he's not name that. It's meant to stand in for an in order uses his patients who intimidate or read. And as she struggles it's an odd one day and ominous boss and the whole are higher our let's get away. Katie green indict. A broken world that we all know well does it. OK number eight on that call this one. Anwar because this call. Pixar gave us this kind of risky enemy LL. Rather. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are both terrific doing voices. And they aren't over trying to bring their late father back to life for single day to just have this idea of having one moment. I'm more is at Pixar movie and most of the greatness at Pixar works best is when they used the modern machinery and animation. To invoke kind of the hurdle wander in you know. Friday morning. Number seven is bad education. Embezzled more than a million dollars from this. Thing this hour. She's certainly not like Wolverine issue Jack. Given what acting is that warm up career I mean really. And how does he let one guy and hasn't genuine and Asian you're in the schools that he is how does that jive. With is also this action. The cause of the gay man with an addiction to both. And the sex that pace or from grand Larson. Well the director Cora Lee uses satire and the wounding the honeymoon. Ends at minute so good. That he makes us all come. In how easy. NE Abbas get caught up in something to make that easy but. Amazingly time. All right. Numbers. Numbers it is first cat L I tell people about me and a lot of problems at what. I edit I never heard you know a lot of the best. Man. Arm never heard. You know this in this and at a time where you have. Said that are there bail I mean. So don't press shop this because you think it's a story of two men and it's actually a master work from Kelly reichardt and this what is said in Oregon. During the eighteen once and the goal that's and it's just about it cook name cook. But by John RN a runaway Chinese immigrant late by Iran and and their wipers Bible. Bogut pride and their deliverance from a crime comes in the form of the cow. Middle East Il to make case become a hit on the wild frontier. And what Kelly reichardt does is bitch he takes on the toxic roots its capital. And the healing effects of France. This one. All right we're moving on now to a number of wish. Is the best. And ever since this movie had such an impact that the slam dance film festival earlier this year and minutes rob to. It became a hit because Andrew Paterson is the new director with the real panel. And he has no money to make this movie and yet imagination. Over shop. But it should take on that kind that she something in the sky genre shed in the 1950s. In New Mexico. And it's about the paranoia that we all feel today because living with this whole virus. Any kind of says. Who says that it at a radio. As they can't save the world from these aliens in this once. And getting lost. A Staten. Did you know that Saturday night let figured he ate at a fire fighter rather. I don't. Know we think of it in his old what is being used go lucky kind of guy who is this. Went back. Just seven when his father died when it's. Well with the help. Director Jeddah who also helping and write the script he uses his own or two plans are as a kind of twenty some train wreck this story is basically his record that. He's still living you're living at home. Marisa Tomei places mom in the movies and nurse what is real. Differences. This movie isn't a bad T pursuing a career in comedy wants be attached to war. But it's something artistic it's something that he wants. Aaron. You might look at this and saying. I don't. It's not it's silly. It's a little rude sometimes. There really. Are. Number three what is number three in his call try to save this never rarely sometimes all isn't questioning air. That this young girl trying to get him or. Because she lives in any small town in Pennsylvania. Where she can't do that without getting permission says she and her friend. They can train and they go to New York. Again this woman is eight at Sydney and it. And when she takes that trip on that train with her cousin and she battalion writer's. She faces a really bunch. Harrowing obstacles. You know it's not gonna make you laugh are a much. But it's gonna hit you stay. Right now we're coming to. Well yes we is he coming to number two and number want to. Of which of these movies are going to be I think he deals at the Academy Award this year. But not this year or next year because. Carrying more easily and are now under. Way the EU deserve it. To. Be invisible man. This is the movie in which Elisabeth Moss. Raises the bar are 1897. HG wells class. By bringing in right into the scared you're. Director only one man who does harm. He makes it Smart and and timely decision to shift focus on the invisible man. Two woman has been abused by this man. And who's now because he's an engineer in bid to an end visibility well. That rule left him when the rest of the world and dad. Two returner. And abused and arrest. Girlfriend that is so well why. It's the year's best performance by an actress. And it's contemporary work of socially conscious are. Romero. This is just another remake. Something 181000 times for now it's about an invisible woman. Stay. Our drum roll please everybody why do wife he was that number one best. Picture of twenty when he asked. And I don't. This ice agents say that that is why these. Being more than a drug. Eighteen game change. And Vietnam epic. And it kind of lobs a grenade which is this likely thing to do it systemic racism. And it's beasts huge black history from slavery. George flawed. It's contemporary because the floor Vietnam vets that are called the bloods. They're going back. To the battlefield. Where they work war to find the body of the fifth. They by and chat o.s and apps. Find his remains and give him burial at Arlington. Also. Can find treasure that buried. Illegal that shouldn't happen but they're going to find. I have to say right off at all the actors are great but tell Roy and Linda. Lay he's the guy used truck all who makes his trends aren't seen by wearing a mega. He is in my arms and mental Foreman that it deserves this that's our World War I of the best. Ever actually going to see Angela Mendoza an on the periphery. Is so good in this parts of Europe with all the time. And what simmers and didn't eat all of this is pleased fury. About how the heroism of black soldiers has been written out it's not just in he would not. But from the American revolution she trump air. At half time. Five bloods and your ear and said I'm going out on the record the best picture of the year and women had to be us next year it will. You can bet. Lee has me more than a sold earned on our time. Me 18. You haven't seen that when yet yet this. And thank people listening to me and if you disagree with me or I'd look at you you know where fun and no matter what happens in this pandemic we still watch and talk about. Your arm off. Thank you suburb. Of.

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{"duration":"13:40","description":"Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers shares his list of the best movies released in the first six months of 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71641379","title":"Top 10 movies of 2020 (so far)","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/top-10-movies-2020-71641379"}