Twin sisters help US women's hockey team win Olympic gold

Monique Lameroux-Morando and Jocelyne Lameroux-Davidson talk to ABC News' Amy Robach about the secret to their success on the ice.
3:17 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Twin sisters help US women's hockey team win Olympic gold
We are back now with a double trouble on teen USA the incredible twins who helped the women's hockey team win over night. And Amy who had extensive that would open. I did Michael do the twins sister act everyone is talking about this morning on meet and Jocelyn land route. Leading teen USA to their first Olympic gold medal victory since 1998. They tell me they've been training for four years for this one game. And it paid off because they ended up stealing the show. Wheat to gold medal game on the line teen USA turned to its twin has the beach and Jocelyn level room to keep their dreams alive. And boy did they come through. Down two to one in regulation to their fierce rival Canada. Monique tied the score on this breakaway sending the game into overtime but Canada who has helped the gold medal in women's ice hockey for the past twenty years. Wouldn't relent forcing a shoot out. And that's when Jocelyn took a page out of her sister's book. Scoring the winning goal for the US with her signature move much to Monique still liked. The levers grew up in North Dakota and inherited the sports team from their parents deadly goalie college mom was a swimmer I sat down with the twins this week to find of the secretive daring. Credible success I was reading that you all are is this true mirror image twins. Yes I am left tendon she's red handed and then haired. My last year's flat tire failures and you work that's your vanished on hockey ice cooler both red handed on the day inside she should be technically should be left hand there should be it would be nice if that we're one of he can but. Yes they re and you the FA take advantage of being familiar and the essence each other and where we are and were able to make quickly is without necessarily having militant communicators who on the and so. I think you know it we don't individually. Try and beat Claire as much as more of our passing in and moving around people on. LA is plagued said Elliott that straightens us and it's been an accomplice so far. This is the same team the same women who threatened to sit out last year's world championships should USA hockey did not give in to their demands for equal treatment of male hockey players. USA hockey looks to replace these women but they stood together. And they eventually won those increased wages and parts and then you know what they went on to win the world championship. And now they've gone on to win gold at the Olympics and it paid off. In multitudes my. And they deserve every bit of it Amy equal play for equal play that's not work. And you know you covered a number of Olympic game you are so excited to go to this game yesterday. I love the people rabbit never bid what is it like to be in the stands. At a game like this. It's amazing Michael these are my fourth Olympics and I can say without hesitation this was the single most exciting event I ever we. I mean it was. We just. Williams scored the inspector I didn't have an X. Loaded into this celebration I was happy to contribute to the needy and Denny now looking cab bus that would write and. I'm. Good for you. For you and everybody there enjoying the moment like that and good for America thanks he's got a navy.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Monique Lameroux-Morando and Jocelyne Lameroux-Davidson talk to ABC News' Amy Robach about the secret to their success on the ice. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53270285","title":"Twin sisters help US women's hockey team win Olympic gold","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/twin-sisters-us-womens-hockey-team-win-olympic-53270285"}