The world of Jeff Goldblum’s new Disney+ show

The actor has starred in "Jurassic Park" and "Independence Day," and now he's taking on the world in his new show, "The World According to Jeff Goldblum."
3:51 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for The world of Jeff Goldblum’s new Disney+ show
plus called "The world according to Jeff goldblum." Welcome to see you. Great to see you, George. Sneakers, denim, tattoo, ice cream. These are your topics. What ties them together? That's a good question. Well, my interest in them, yes, I get to explore them. But they are -- every day item, familiar items that may hold some surprising extraordinary elements that we uncover. In the first episode it's about sneakers. Ready for a little look? Take a look. I get the sense that Dominic likes to look at things a little differently. Which would make for an interesting shoe. Oh. Oh. Zebra. I like these. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Didn't I say shiny silver and shiny gold? I think I need to get a lader. Want me to reach anything for you. It's so nice to have a man around the house. I want my own pair of sneakers now. You're first and foremost known as an arc but you also have this as you can see exhibit a fashion, you're known for this and you were actually -- one of Hollywood's snazziest dressers. How would you describe your fashion? Well, you guys are snazzy. George is snazzy. Someone dressed us George or -- Jeff. You can call me George. I have a stylist and he dressed me for every day of that snow, believe it or not. We figured out what we were going to wear. He also -- I have this album coming out this jazz album and we took a picture in frank Sinatra's house in Palm Springs and he figured out what -- how I could look for that. Little rat pack. Kind of rat packy, right. Mentioned the album. Tell us about it. A whole side light for you. I loved it. Our band is here in town. We're going to play someplace. The second record we did with deka. First one went to the top of the jazz charts. You know who sings -- know who guest sings half her vocals, half instruments, Fiona apple, Gregory porter sings a thong. Sharon van etten sings a song and Miley Cyrus sings a song. You posted on Instagram recently kind of musical post that we have here and I want to know what are you thinking here? I'm -- I must be . I bet -- I took lessons at home on that piano. I'll bet I was thinking what kind of trouble am I going to get into when he finds out I didn't practice, you know. You were a tall 10. I was tall. You think that's tall? I don't think that's 10. That seems like 18. No. No. Maybe. I started to shoot up. I'm still growing. You got two little boys at home. I got two little boy, 4-year-old and 2-year-old. River and Charlie. What are they into? Everything. They take karate classes and learning to swim. For Halloween the one was Neil Armstrong because we've been reading a lot of space books and went on one of these episodes and went to nasa. Neutral buoyancy lab in Houston. Whoa, those are fantastic people. I'm sure you visited them. So brainy and inspirational and river was Charlie chaplain because we don't show him many screen time but short old films and believes he's Charlie Chaplin. Not bad. Thanks for coming in today. Jeff. "The world according to Jeff goldblum" available on Disney plus today.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The actor has starred in \"Jurassic Park\" and \"Independence Day,\" and now he's taking on the world in his new show, \"The World According to Jeff Goldblum.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66933545","title":"The world of Jeff Goldblum’s new Disney+ show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/world-jeff-goldblums-disney-show-66933545"}