Meet the couple who won a dream Disney wedding

An unsuspecting couple is surprised live on "GMA" with the news that they won a dream Disney World wedding.
5:54 | 05/02/18

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Transcript for Meet the couple who won a dream Disney wedding
Something else that everybody has been talking about they cannot wait for is the royal wedding. It is just weeks away and this morning we're revealing our own royal couple. Thousands of you submitted entries for our fairy tale wedding contest. One couple is about to get their happily ever after. While Meghan Markle prepares for her fairy tale wedding, "Gma" and Disney teamed up to find America's own royal couple giving one lucky bride and groom a magical wedding at Walt Disney world with the help of a Disney fairy tale weddings they will say "I do" in front of Cinderella Kanye castle and spend the night in the rarely seen Cinderella suite and off to England and France for a royal honeymoon and the wedding of a lifetime fit for a prince and princess. Submissions poured in but one couple stood out. This is yeah and I. Here's our pick sure. Alexis and Jay's love story started as kids giving the proposal of her dream popping the question at Cinderella's royal table but when it came time to plan a wedding -- Jay and I had really wanted to get married at Disney and unfortunately us living in Houston, Harvey hit, my house got flooded and I lost my car. We still don't have floors and we're getting our lives back together. They're about to the get the surprise of a lifetime. It would be such a blessing to see us get married in my favorite place in the world. Great story and T.J. Holmes, he is there. He's going to surprise our happy couple. He's right outside their home in Katy, Texas. T.J., they think they're finalists for the contest but they don't really foe that they're the winners. Do you think they have any idea? At least we hope not. Stra, Strahan, they better not have any idea. If so that means we have a leak in our "Gma" organization because we have gone through great pains to make sure that they don't know that we are here. Now, they think "Gma" meeting shooting a little video with them this morning. They have no idea we're live. Stra, so if you knock on somebody's door early in the morning you better have good news. Start knocking. Let's see what you got. Here we go. You never know what you'll catch people doing at this time of the morning. Right? Hey there. Hi. How are you? Alexa. T.J. Good morning, America. I hear you're engaged. With are is the fiance? Yeah. Yeah, where are you? We got to track Jay down. Come on. T.J. Holmes. Good morning, America. I know you guys knew we were coming by this morning. Yes. We are live right now, however. Oh, no. I know you guys knew you were finalists in our contest. You're not finalists anymore. We have to upgrade your title. You're our winners, guys. Oh, my god. Of our fairly tale wedding. Congratulations, you're getting married next week in Disney. Oh, wow. Okay. What did you think was about to happen this morning. I just few -- everybody, no, they're coming to the house. No, no. Why weren't you at the door? We were expecting -- you just hanging out, "Good morning America" is coming, big deal. I was getting myself ready. Time to fix myself up. Tuck in my pants, all casual. No problem. They said I have plenty of takes and then I get ambushed. Not quite. We're going to get you wired up because my colleague Mr. Michael Strahan wants to ask you a couple of questions but to our audience explain how much this means to you to be able to do that. This wedding next week. You got to get married next week. We're in the last week. Jay and I got engaged at Disney world and Disney world is like my favorite place ever. Like I cry every time I get there. It's a happy place but you cry. Yes. It's a really place to me growing up and for Jay and I. Stra, go ahead. I know you have a couple of questions. Alexa, first of all I want to say both of you, we love your mouse ears. You look divine in those mouse ear, 18 months ago -- there were 18 inches of water in that house that you're in right now, not long ago. And you had to postpone your wedding because of that. Did you ever think, Alexa, you would have your dream wedding after you had that tragedy you would go through? No, not at all. It was a really hard -- it's been a hard year and the first thing my mom said to me was, Alexis, I'm so sorry, your wedding and in that moment I was like, we have a house to worry about. We can't think about a wedding right now. House is number one. We have to live here. So, yeah, I mean -- no, I would have never thought this would have been happening ever. You all back up with me here. We'll step out. We got a little something for you because you have to pack because you're getting married. Next week and these are for you. Guy, congratulations. Strahan. We know that people saw their story. But I'm standing in their house and they still don't have floors in many areas of the house I'm standing in and looking at so this is a big deal for the couple. Guy, congratulations to you. Sorry to ambush you with good news this early in the morning. Thank you, T.J. Holmes. That's a great knock on the door early in the morning, congratulations to them. So happy we can help them out. Can't wait for that wedding. It's next week and back with

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"An unsuspecting couple is surprised live on \"GMA\" with the news that they won a dream Disney World wedding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54876511","title":"Meet the couple who won a dream Disney wedding","url":"/GMA/Family/video/meet-couple-won-dream-disney-wedding-54876511"}