Freddie Highmore dishes on ‘The Good Doctor’

The actor talks about directing the upcoming episode of the hit drama.
4:03 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Freddie Highmore dishes on ‘The Good Doctor’
about pain, and how much you're willing to push through. And my threshold definitely increased after chemo and rehab and seeing the hope I give survivors every single time that I cross the finish line. It doesn't hurt either. His cancer could be back. The odds of sarcoma reoccurrence are very high. Okay, you understood all that? Yes. That was a scene there from an all new episode of the hit medical doctor "The good doctor" coming your way tonight. Special attention to a special episode because this one is mething very different that happens here behind the scenes and a bit of a unique twist, I guess. That's right. And joining us to tell us all about it is "The good doctor" star Freddie highmore himself. Greatto have you with us and first of all, congratulations, on the success of this show, fourth season, and tonight, you are directing the episode. I believe this is your third time directing the show. So what do we have in store for us tonight? Yes, yes, this is the third time I've got to direct "The good doctor" and I feel like with the real doctor there with you I'm going to get called out and say something wrong and will do my best to make it as medically accurate as possible. Now is it a situation -- Tonight's -- Go ahead, go ahead. Tell us what we're supposed to see tonight. I mean tonight's episode is an exciting one. We get to a see a little bit of a different side to the hospital. The hospital gets hacked. Leah, one of the characters who is the head of I.T., has to figure it out. As you can see there, she has to figure out how to get everything back online and in the meantime the rest of the doctors working on the cases have to use slightly different older school methods in order to help save Is it a different type of nervousness, or double the nervousness, right? Because you're the star of the show, so every episode, something is riding on you, as a performer, and you want the audience to receive it well. But now that you're directing it, as well, does it double up the nervousness or a different type of nerves? I guess it's a slightly different sense of -- I mean it is such a wonderful crew, and such a wonderful cast, that you always feel supported, and so that makes it much, much easier to do it as well as you can. I always findit difficult when I'm, when I'm in the scene itself, to try and watch what someone else is doing. Obviously SHAWN doesn't look people in the eye very often, my character, and that is when I try to sneak glances and try to see what other people are doing at the same time. Are we going to see you directing more down the line and do you like it more than, as much as, less than your actual acting? I do love -- I do love directing, and I certainly would like to do more of it in the future, absolutely. But that doesn't mean I'm stopping the acting either. Make sure you put that out there all you casting folks. And we will hand it over to Dr. Ashton now who has a medical question for you. Go ahead, doc. Oh, my goodness. Everything is very accurate, so I give you the two thumbs up and the medical stamp of approval. I'm a big fan of the show. Thank you, thank you for your support. Well, we weren't going to do you like that. But we have watched the show and we have watched you really as a young kid, starring in some big roles, and you've had a heck of a career. So congrats on this, and congrats on tonight's episode, we will see you down the road back here on "Gma3," okay? Perfect. Hopefully in person. Absolutely. Those were the days. You can see an all new episode of "The good doctor" right here on ABC. That freddie highmore, a talented young fella, still a young fella. "The good doctor," and then

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The actor talks about directing the upcoming episode of the hit drama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76047716","title":"Freddie Highmore dishes on ‘The Good Doctor’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/freddie-highmore-dishes-good-doctor-76047716"}