One-on-one with motivational podcast host Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines the secret to making millions.
3:21 | 09/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One-on-one with motivational podcast host Lewis Howes
Popular motivational podcast. On the plane here to tell that tell you it out. How to lead our best slide please welcome. What if Powell got. The way you win this motivation right now it's yeah. We gotta be fired up about life you know I mean I see you make it work sports -- today you're doing it for jeans a polite which our gratitude giving group and game plan and the one that jumped out at meaning he'll Michael and I talk about the slot is gratitude yet tells. Lot of different I think there's two things we can focus on every single moment of our day we consult with some what were upset about what were angry about what we're frustrated about. Well we don't have. Fourteenth Osama we do have what we're grateful for. And I think gratitude is the antidote to anger frustration and self doubt so we focus on the little things we appreciate. Even if it's raining outside we get to be here at GM may not Craig. Yeah and the one if that got to change its course I'll cut much better athlete and I didn't ever. It's game play. Game point you know when we have big dreams and our life. We need to have a great game plan as a football player I learned this when I went into the locker room might sophomore season. High school first time a played football. I noticed that the coaches would put up a schedule. Of the exact things we would do every ten minutes who'd have a schedule I don't know if you guys have as well liked. Ten minutes put your pads on ten minutes get on the field ten minutes water break it was just like everything was down to the minute coaches talk whatever might have been. Offense defense special teams we had a specific game plan toward achieving our dreams. And so many people walk through life just wandering with no game plan in every single day I secretive schedules you get closer towards your dreams have the game plan. Forgy have a group you know you've got to surround yourself with good people you wanna tune your dreams and you have a negative people around was going to be harder for holding back so. If you came with someone here raise your hand if you came of the France. Hope whatever friend lifts you up right look at them and thank them if they lift you up from behind fox. I. Yeah. By the mayor Fred to have hijacked. That is the last one you know we focus only on ourselves it's us selfless slot but we've focused on giving back it could be to the friend we came with the could be to our. Our family can be to our community or hear a stranger walking on the street to smile at people be it giving human being. In more good will come back to you. That's good but never got here felt comfortable out there. Good good. You're you're incredibly bad thanks for the public place thanks. I thought I'd go. Good luck this summit a great kids get in Columbus, Ohio next two weeks of your out there make you look at about.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Lewis Howes teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines the secret to making millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58153225","title":"One-on-one with motivational podcast host Lewis Howes","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/motivational-podcast-host-lewis-howes-58153225"}