Tips on how to make stupendous treats and sweets for your Halloween celebration

Blogger Felicia Vargo of "The Starving Chef" shares how to make fun Halloween inspired treats to celebrate.
3:31 | 10/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips on how to make stupendous treats and sweets for your Halloween celebration
Back now with eerie eats. This morning, blogger Felicia Vargo of the starving chef is showing us how to make stupendous treats and sweets to brbring the scare to your Halloween celebration. Good morning to you. Hello. How are you guys today? I feel like I can't smile in this costume. Let's talk about the food, though. Let's start with two words you usually don't hear together, prosciutto eyeballs. Yummy. Yes, yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. This is a really quick and simple Halloween eat that almost anybody can run out and grab the ingredients to do today. All you need are three ingredients which are mozzarella balls. Also known as bocconcini. Blue cheese-stuffed olives and then some prosciutto. And I have a melon baller here but you definitely don't need one. You can use whatever you have we're just going to remove the center of our mozzarella ball, pop in one of our blue cheese olives, and then we'll take our prosciutto and just sort of wrap it around the eye, the mozzarella ball to make a creepy eyelid and looks super It looks very, very creepy. Tastes delicious. And next up is a magical treat. Tell us about your spell book brownies my little baby yoda friend here -- Excuse me, my toes are getting in the way. Well, so I actually watched "Hocus pocus" for my very first time earlier this week, and I was very inspired by tll book that the Sanderson sisters use in the movie, and taking it from that inspiration, I decided to make my very own spell book brownies, and these are incredibly simple to do. Anyone can make it. All you need is your favorite brownie mix and some chocolate frosting and some candy eyeballs and literally all you have to do is pop on a little bit of chocolate and decorate your spell book to your heart's content. I'm just making mine sort of look like the book adding some details on the corners and sides and the spine and then you can go crazy with the stitching. That iconic stitching that is on the book. You can go wild and also just add a little bit of eyelids around the eye to make it look realistic. And, like I said, the sky's the limit when it comes to creativity with these brow at the end of the day the spell book will only answer to you. I tried the brownie. It's delicious. Let's turn now though to the piece de resistance, the candy board? Yes. So I have a candy board here, and because Halloween is looking a little bit different this year, I decided instead of going out and going trick-or-treating that I would stay home and watch my favorite scary movies, so I assembled this charcuterie board although charcuterie is used loosely at best when it comes to describing this. I've actually built my candy board on a ouija board, so it's kind of a charcuter-oujia board. On my board the most important part of any charcuterie board is making it a tactile experience. So you want to make sure you have an array of items to choose from. I have everything from pumpkin spiced doughnuts to cheesy caramel popcorn, whoopie pies, green apple Twizzlers and a trip on my board with these almonds disguised like olives. Sorry to jump in. Can I just ask to you put a hex on janai for taking -- Stop,cut in there. Thanks, Dan. Thanks, Felicia. We really appreciate it. We have more Halloween treats and ideas on our website, We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Blogger Felicia Vargo of \"The Starving Chef\" shares how to make fun Halloween inspired treats to celebrate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73944050","title":"Tips on how to make stupendous treats and sweets for your Halloween celebration","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tips-make-stupendous-treats-sweets-halloween-celebration-73944050"}