The best moments from the Winter Games

ABC News' Matt Gutman the highlighted stories of the Olympics.
3:23 | 02/25/18

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Transcript for The best moments from the Winter Games
To South Korea now. The olympics. The closing ceremony under way. As we come on the air, what could be a significant headline. The south Korean government saying that the north Koreans have indicated a willingness to talk to the U.S. What can you tell us, Matt? Reporter: Good morning, Paula. It's been a dizzying array of signals. Ivanka Trump sat at the ceremonies one seat over from a top north Korean intelligence official. North Korea's leader calling the brand-new U.S. Sanctions an act of war. Moments after that, signaling that the delegation at the olympics would meet with the U.S. Counterparts. The white house says they don't have much to say to North Korea. This morning, amid the paneln'try of the the closing ceremonies, a diplomatic spectacle also. Ivanka Trump seateded an arm's length away from the head of north Korean intelligence. At nearly the same moment, Kim Jong-un calling the new round of U.S. Sanctions an act of war. At the closing caroms, no politics. Only pomp. Including American flag bearer Jessica Diggins. Carrying the flag, looking fresh, despite competing in the last event, the grueling 0-kilometer cross country. That after taking gold in cross country team pursuit in this photo finish. The one flag that didn't fly? Russia's. The country banned from playing its anthem or displaying its flag in the closing ceremony after a state-run doping scandal rocked the previous games. A clean games would have meant a partial reinstatement. The olympic committee canceled that after two rush yap athletes got in trouble. In total, team usa taking home 23 medals. Fourth overall. Most of its stars shone brightly from Lindsey vonn to Shaun white, to the younger generation including Mikaela shiffrin and Chloe Kim. And the triumphs. She scores! . Reporter: Gold after two years for the U.S. Women's hockey. And the mira-curl. Can he do it? He can! Reporter: A first ever gold for U.S. In that sport. Little Norway, with about the population of metropolitan Chicago, that grabbed a record 39 medals. Okay, get this, folks. Norway won so many medals, so many golds, the olympic committee ran out of the golden shoes they give their winners. The games were a bit of a disappointment for U.S. Athletes. On the bright side, lots of new, talented faces. We're apparently now a curling powerhouse. Dan and Paula? That's not nothing. High-class problem for the Norwegians. The mira-curl on ice. Reporter: I usd it again. Matt, thank you. Let's check the weather. Rob is out again this weekend. However, Cindy fits gzgibbon is

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman the highlighted stories of the Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53344351","title":"The best moments from the Winter Games","url":"/GMA/News/video/best-moments-winter-games-53344351"}