California lifts COVID restrictions

Starting Tuesday, fully vaccinated Californians can ditch the mask for activities like grocery shopping, going to the gym or to the bar.
2:40 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for California lifts COVID restrictions
Now to the coronavirus emergency. California opening again this morning. 1 of 14 states plus D.C. Hitting president Biden's goal of at least 70% of its adult population vaccinated. Kaylee Hartung joins us now from dodger stadium. Good morning, Kaylee. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Smiles are coming back to California. If you are fully vaccinated, places in most settings, you'll be able to see each other's faces without masks like at dodger stadium. Without capacity limits, and social distancing requirements. The home of the world series champs is looking to pack this place with 50,000 smiling fans tonight. This morning, the golden state is back in business. No more physical distancing requirements, no more caps on occupancy. Reporter: Starting today for californians who are fully vaccinated, life is almost back to normal. When grocery shopping, going to the gym or a bar, you can ditch the mask. Tonight dodger stadium opening - up at 100% capacity. Covid games are over. We're going to be sold out for the next couple of nights. Reporter: Disneyland widening its doors too, and welcoming back out of state guests and dropping its requirement for masks both in and outdoors for fully vaccinated guests. With more than 70% of adults in California receiving at least one dose, the governor announcing new incentives, handing out six in-state dream vacations to try to get shots into those remaining arms, and as the U.S. Nears 600,000 deaths from covid and with more than 300 people still dying every day, the need to protect the population is as urgent as ever. 370 deaths, that's significantly lower than at the peak of this crisis, but it's still a real tragedy. Reporter: Crystal Morgan lost her 15-year-old daughter Dakota just last month. Dakota had no underlying symptoms or illnesses or diseases, and the virus took her in less than 72 hours from the first time she presented a symptom. Reporter: And the new concerns over the delta variant for those unvaccinated. The CDC estimating about 10% of current infections in the U.S. Are due to that variant, and in the uk right now it's responsible for 90% of cases. But according to two new studies, preliminary data shows that the pfizer and astrazeneca vaccines can fight the variant, and are more than 90% effective of keeping those fully vaccinated out of the hospital. Let's not go throwing away the masks quite yet. Even if you are fully vax noted, they're required in some places like in hospitals, indoors in schools and at long-term health care facilities. All right, Kaylee. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Starting Tuesday, fully vaccinated Californians can ditch the mask for activities like grocery shopping, going to the gym or to the bar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78285253","title":"California lifts COVID restrictions","url":"/GMA/News/video/california-lifts-covid-restrictions-78285253"}