Children's COVID-19 cases on the rise

Pediatric COVID-19 cases rose from 2.2% of all cases reported nationwide in April to 10% in September, data shows.
2:34 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for Children's COVID-19 cases on the rise
Now the latest on the coronavirus emergency. The death toll from the pandemic now topping 1 million worldwide. Cases are increasing in 32 states plus Puerto Rico and here at home, nine states are recording daily increases in deaths. This as a new study raises concern about the spread of the virus among children. Eva pilgrim has the latest. Reporter: Overnight, another grim milestone. 1 million lives now lost to the virus worldwide. This as a new study is breaking this morning on kids and covid. The American academy of pediatrics and children's hospital association looked rat a five-month period from April to September typing a dramatic increase in diagnosed cases among children and rose from 2.2% of all cases reported nationwide in April to 10% in September. 12-year-old Elizabeth from atlantic beach, Florida, believed to be one of those. Her family says she passed Friday raf a ten-day battle with the virus. I never got to hear her voice again. Reporter: In the U.S. Where we've surpassed 205,000 fatalities cases increasing in 32 states and Puerto Rico, more than half the country. Monday afternoon president trump formally announced plans to distribute 150 million rapid tests across the country in the coming weeks. By the president's side recent task force addition, Dr. Scott atlas, neuroradiologist with no background in treating infectious diseases. Notably absent, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Dr. Redfield. After reports that Dr. Redfield was heard saying Dr. Atlas is wrong on most issues the CDC releasing a statement saying while the two agree on many issues they disagree on the risk to kids, the importance of masks and where the country is with herd immunity. Dr. Fauci asked if he was worried about false information getting to president trump? I'm concerned that sometimes things are said that are really taken either out of context or actually incorrect. Reporter: ABC news reached out to Dr. Atlas. He is not commenting. The white house telling us in part the president consults many experts both inside and outside of the federal government who sometimes disagree with one another. Robin. All right, Eva, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Pediatric COVID-19 cases rose from 2.2% of all cases reported nationwide in April to 10% in September, data shows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73307818","title":"Children's COVID-19 cases on the rise","url":"/GMA/News/video/childrens-covid-19-cases-rise-73307818"}