Couple tells of chasing car to help save kidnapped girl

Amanda Disley and Benny Correa are being hailed as heroes after chasing a car carrying kidnapped 11-year-old Charlotte Moccia, leading to the arrest of her abductor.
6:04 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Couple tells of chasing car to help save kidnapped girl
Happy I got it. Congratulations to Laurent. Now the hero couple who helped rescue that 11-year-old girl snatched on her way home from school. They spotted the suspect kidnapper's car and chased him down giving police crucial information to stop him. First will reeve is here with the story. What a story it is, will. It is. The couple, they were out getting dinner when they saw a blue Honda civic. They knew that Charlotte Moccio was missing because of an amber alert and certain they had found the car she had been abducted in. They went after it risking their own safety to help save a young girl. Trying to ditch me. Reporter: This morning the company who played a vital role in the rescue of an 11-year-old kidnapped in broad daylight speaking out. Amanda disley and her husband Benny Correa were driving with their family in Springfield, Massachusetts, aware of reports that 11-year-old Charlotte Moccio was forced into a blue Honda reportedly kicking and screaming and then Benny saw it. I said, babe, that's that car. I seen that car. You showed me that car. Reporter: They pulled up a post on social media to confirm and started to follow him. Disley started to record the chase on her phone calling 911. He's blowing through red lights. He's blowing through red lights. Reporter: The couple not giving up even with their own five kids in their car. That's him. It's him. Reporter: Getting close enough to the suspect he could give police the license plate number. Only stopping their pursuit when they ran out of gas. Local police praising the public for their help. This was an absolute life and death situation for this little girl. Thank you to the public for helping us out and it has come to a very good conclusion. Reporter: The suspected kidnapper, 24-year-old Miguel Rodriguez, was arrested being held without bail. Charlotte's family said we'd like to thank Amanda disley and her husband for their vigilance and courage for putting themselves in harm's way to make sure she wasn't out of their sight eternally grateful for everyone who helped. We're joining them exclusively from Springfield, Amanda disley and Benny Correa. Thanks for joining us. How did you know this was the suspect's car? Well, basically like the story says I was out getting dinner with my family and earlier that day my wife had showed me the car on Facebook stating that the girl had got abducted. Now usually it's a story. I get a story and then a couple days later my wife tells me, hey, they ended up finding that little kid or that person and so as I was getting dinner I looked and I seen -- I seen the car, but the only reason I seen the car was because I was going to take a right instead of the left to go home because I live behind the store I was in but the store I was in didn't have what I was looking for so I was going to across the street to get the soda. Instead of going across the street it crossed in front of me. Instead of taking that hard left I took a hard right, I cut off people and I got up close to the car. I noticed that it was a blue civic. I know my cars very well. Everyone in Springfield can tell you I know my cars very well and I just pursued him. I did what I had to do being a father and chased him down. I know -- I know you guys called the authorities, you called 911. Amanda, you were on the phone with 911 with the dispatcher the entire time. What were they telling you? They were asking me if I can get a plate number and what was happening. Every street that I was on, my husband was really frantic and it made me frantic so she was just, you know, telling us it was okay, it was understandable to be frantic. Just tell us where you are. What street you're going down and while she's getting the questions from us I can hear her relaying it to people go here, go this way. She was awesome. Yeah, obviously so and -- Jackie did communicate well to my wife. She communicated well with your wife and your wife communicated well with you so you could do what you did but there has been some criticism from some who said they were running red lights chasing him and they had their own kids in the car. So how do you respond to that? When we -- okay, what's really bothering me is that it was just an instinct of fight or flight that kicked in. When we approached the vehicle we approached it really quietly and we checked the front of the car to see if it matched the pictures that we saw from what James posted from western mass and the state police and it said that it had no front plate, we noticed the front lip, the fog lights, the dark tints, the wheels were very distinctive so we just had a gut feeling it was the car then when he noticed that we noticed him, that's when he started driving crazy and we just wanted to get the plates and get 911 to say, hey, he's over here, but then when we got under a light we seen someone getting pushed down in the backseat and when you see somebody whose life is in danger it's basically, okay, either do we just call 911 and say, hey, they're on this road and here's the plates or do you go? And when mie husband ran the red light in the video it shows we slowed down and cars passed and we went after cars passed the. No cars were next to hitting us. We would never put our kids' lives in danger. That would never happen. If that was the case we wouldn't have lost him. Amanda and Benny, I know the parents, they are very happy that you were able to reunite them with their daughter. What you did is what you said, fight or flight and you did what you felt was right and ended up turning out great for that family so they could be reunited and we just want to thank you for your time and great lesson to pay attention to amber alerts. Thank you, guy, so much.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Amanda Disley and Benny Correa are being hailed as heroes after chasing a car carrying kidnapped 11-year-old Charlotte Moccia, leading to the arrest of her abductor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68351019","title":"Couple tells of chasing car to help save kidnapped girl","url":"/GMA/News/video/couple-tells-chasing-car-save-kidnapped-girl-68351019"}