Hurricane Michael makes landfall

ABC News' David Muir reports from Panama City, Florida.
5:23 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael makes landfall
I think we may have. May have lost ginger did in the area there. I am here I am here where we are thinking about ginger right now continues. Imprecise location where there's a hurricane just made land fall I'm sure we'll go back to her as suited recap for folks at home or watching. And then obviously. About her and we are at our team right there. They're looking out this window right here is the hotel were in Panama City we are not far from where ginger is winds are now gusting here. At a 129. Miles per hour the suvs and could sort of see through that front door we're not standing out there because there are significant pieces of debris in parts of buildings now ripping. Off of the building and flying through the air so we've stepped inside for obvious reasons but those suvs. We're literally lifting. Somewhat right now the agency to front and that a city on the left evolving in the win. Bob has huge pieces of rooftops literally. Why pass the front window. You could hear the alarms going off spot in the background here the auto shop looked at home these windows on the right hand side when you talk about construction. And obviously. Lead and coasted chains. As we've seen a lot to be the hurricanes of years but this window is an example of a testing. Storm proof windows the management here at the hotel over this look up to code but you can see the water coming right through the window. And you can see the windows for the buckling in the win it's if it's a real test of infrastructure. All throughout Florida's panhandle and got on the ground here Dell you can see. His apartment building this event that's come off the side of the building and see that there on the floor all of this as we learned that the at the radar in Tallahassee has now come off line and come off my to beat we're not giving any more weather information that's one location. We're simply been. Overwhelmed by the weather. I don't want people to be alarmed by the fire alarm it's simply a signal that the power has gone out inside the hotel were so many of the. Families here. Bob in this community have come to seek shelter as we report here too. I just wanted to hear. The wind right outside this Norway this. Just a coincidence. Here are same location and I've got to tell you a significant. Scare for the families who are more inside this hotel that says you're looking out through the window you can see the roof I'll be. Hotel that we had been standing out there that was a shelter. For a category four hurricane that has now come down on those suvs and I was just telling you about earlier. It's the wind is picking up so much reported ticket breaks at that you George don't think for the lazy. Those winds still fears. Right now and Sam Champion back in my anywhere in seeing the power of the destructive power of those winds right now so intense. George were all watching something together that very few of us get a chance to CNN I've been doing this for more than 3035 years. But at daytime hint of a hurricane. New live. Moving through this gives people a chance to see exactly how powerful this kind of storm is and I'll crews have done everything. Right. We put people in safe positions but still have cameras and you can see the damage. The one thing George I want to remind you. People is that now that we have the high the center of the storm moving onshore the storm will not get stronger but it will stay this strange for a few hours longer. As it slowly weekends so I wanna talk to people who are gay and led away from the coast right now. And I really Tallahassee in the south Georgia that southeastern corner of Alabama all of you in Egypt kind of pay attention to what we're gonna tell you right now. Because as this storm now moves away and you're away from the flooding. If your if you had no. What's going on. This wind picks up like this and gets this strong we will have 9210. Mile per hour winds. Well inland in Tallahassee also in Georgia and that little quarter of Alabama. Into an interior hallway. Drag every. Actress that you have that you can get your hands on and take it with you bring all your supplies with you. If you have an interior bathroom that has no windows if you have an interior walk in closet. Walls are your friend against win tight balls so every corner makes the building stronger. And the reason like bathrooms is the plumbing running through those two by fours with the the wall. Helps make that walls stronger. Just W much like you would a tornado. To protect yourself from debris because I've been in these buildings when they fall apart like this when the constant wind of a category four or five hurricane tenors them apart. And there will be flying debris they'll be blast they'll be insulation they'll be woods he'll be meals in that would all of that kind of moving through. So do you want to put yourself in your home in interior hallway. Down walking cloth it. Through that everybody it was all your supplies and stayed for the duration examination will be with you from six to ten hour. This and I should say that's exactly changes to any New England ginger few minutes ago we had lost Germany could hear from Merck we have now heard from reading that she's lost her crew. They've lost the ability to broadcast the if you tell. She is safe wanted to make sure everybody knew that.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports from Panama City, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58412837","title":"Hurricane Michael makes landfall","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-michael-makes-landfall-58412837"}