Jerome Corsi negotiating plea deal with Mueller

Roger Stone's associate, Jerome Corsi, confirmed he's negotiating a plea deal with Mueller, as one of the lawsuits against the Trump Foundation and its use of funds will move forward.
3:03 | 11/24/18

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Transcript for Jerome Corsi negotiating plea deal with Mueller
Moving on now to the latest in the Russia investigation. The developments this morning, an associate of political operative Roger stone telling ABC news he's negotiating a plea deal with the special counsel. ABC's David Wright is here with the very latest. David, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Eva, whit and Dan. Reporter: Good morning. Jerome Corsi ph.d. Has been a person of interest for the past several months as investigators try to connect the dots to president trump's close friend, Roger stone. Corsi has confirmed to ABC news he is negotiating a plea deal. What's not clear is what he has to offer the special counsel in exchange for a lighter sentence. I've been gone for awhile with the Mueller special counsel, as you all know. Reporter: Followers of Dr. Jerome Corsi's webcast are well aware that he has been worried for weeks about a possible indictment from the special counsel. I'm still in the no comment phase with regards to the Mueller investigation. Reporter: Corsi is one of a dozen associates of political operative Roger stone to be interviewed by Mueller's team about what, if any, contacts stone may have had with wikileaks founder Julian assange. Wikileaks was the conduit Russian hackers used to release thousands of stolen democratic emails. It provides the opportunity to see a line from Russia who stole the emails to wikileaks who distributed the emails. Wikileaks to Corsi and stone and stone to the president. It seems like it's fake news feeding frenzy Friday. Reporter: Stone has emphatically denied speaking or meeting with assange during the 2016 campaign and told a wben radio show, he has nothing to fear from Corsi. This idea that Jerry Corsi could implicate me, there's simply no evidence whatsoever that would show that I knew about the source or the content of any allegedly stolen emails or any allegedly hacked emails that were published by wikileaks, just not so. Well, on his way to mar-a-lago for Thanksgiving, president trump was asked about the wikileaks founder. He claimed not to know much about him, which is kind of odd because toward the end of the campaign he mentioned wikileaks several times at just about every stop. Yes, it was at that point helpful to the campaign. So, on a less helpful note for the president, there's also news that there is a legal setback in a lawsuit against trump -- the trump foundation. That's right. The New York state supreme court has dismissed -- has denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the trump foundation. The New York state attorney general claims that the foundation was little more than a piggy bank for trump for his business and political interests, and the trump folks argued it was politically motivated and the court had no jurisdiction. The court respectfully disagreed so now that case will go forward. Whether politically motivated or not, the trump white house is facing legal challenges on many fronts. Many fronts. David Wright, thank you very much. We really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Roger Stone's associate, Jerome Corsi, confirmed he's negotiating a plea deal with Mueller, as one of the lawsuits against the Trump Foundation and its use of funds will move forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59388364","title":"Jerome Corsi negotiating plea deal with Mueller","url":"/GMA/News/video/jerome-corsi-negotiating-plea-deal-mueller-59388364"}