Pope celebrating Easter Mass

Thousands came to the mass led by the Pope from St. Peter's Square.
1:13 | 04/01/18

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Transcript for Pope celebrating Easter Mass
Millions of Christians will be celebrating Easter today and they're going to be. Doing it here in America and their party started all around the world Frances agency delivering his Easter message to tens of thousands. Who were subjected to heavy security checks to witness it all in Saint Peter's Square in our James Longman is covering the story from London this morning. James good morning. Good morning and happy state C April and down and have a watching today of course the most holy day for Catholics around the wild and Pope Francis has been leading mass. In about to get in front of thousands as he say it Easter message had a global theme all skiing for Prez to Syria. And in his let's of people worn down by an apparently endless war. He off the faithful to remember children courting conflict in places like Yemen Central Africa south to Don and Ukraine. And in a holy downed lad has been renewed violence this week. He prayed for the fruits of reconciliation Francis called for dialogue and mutual respect in the Korean Peninsula and appeals to wisdom today is in negotiations. And early in the mass he left the crowds of the question asking them if Erik Prince surprises and willing to embrace new things wolf if that always putting things off to tomorrow. We could probably all day with a bit of that advice guys. Passengers always resounding so deeply James thank you for your reporting from Monday.

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{"duration":"1:13","description":"Thousands came to the mass led by the Pope from St. Peter's Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54158353","title":"Pope celebrating Easter Mass","url":"/GMA/News/video/pope-celebrating-easter-mass-54158353"}