Prince Philip reportedly spotted back behind the wheel

Queen Elizabeth's husband is reportedly back on road again just two days after a car crash.
2:17 | 01/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Philip reportedly spotted back behind the wheel
Now to prince Philip. He was spotted back behind the wheel just two days after a car crash. And this led to a call to the police. ABC's Julia Mcfarland is at Buckingham palace. She has the very latest on this. Julia, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Yes, that's right. Prince Philip's driving once again grabbing headlines. He was spotted out and about yesterday without a seat belt, an offense here in the uk. This morning, photos appearing in the mail on Sunday showing prince Philip back behind the wheel just days after that violent crash left him trapped in this overturned land rover. Authorities saying a woman was injured in another car that was also carrying a baby. He was a bit trapped. A bit crushed. Reporter: The prince's return to the road not entirely surprising for the so-called iron duke. A man known for his fierce Independence, but some questioning whether or not it's safe for the 97-year-old to continue driving. This morning, Buckingham palace remains tight-lipped, not officially commenting on the new photos showing queen Elizabeth's husband driving on a public road Saturday, apparently without a seat belt. Norfolk police saying, we are aware of the photographs. Suitable words have been given to the driver in line with our standard response when being made aware of or receiving such images showing this type of offense. Overnight, sources telling ABC news the duke of edinborough passed an eyesight test Thursday. The palace said well wishes had been exchanged with those involved in the crash. Today, new details emerging with the woman who suffered a broken wrist, unhappy with the palace's approach telling "The mirror," I got a call from a police family liaison officer. Not even an apology or a well wish. This morning, Buckingham palace is standing but their actions telling ABC news that a full message of support had been given to both the passenger and the driver of the other car. The police investigation is ongoing. Whit? All right. Julia Mcfarland. Thanks so much in London for us. A conversation all families have to go through. Mine did as well. I'm glad everybody was okay. Yep.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Queen Elizabeth's husband is reportedly back on road again just two days after a car crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60504350","title":"Prince Philip reportedly spotted back behind the wheel","url":"/GMA/News/video/prince-philip-reportedly-spotted-back-wheel-60504350"}