Students describe moments of deadly high school shooting

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg and Kelsey Friend tell "GMA" about the chaos during the shooting and how they escaped alive.
4:59 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Students describe moments of deadly high school shooting
We saw him in the classroom along with another student, Kelly and her mother. Thanks for coming in. Kelsey, let me begin with you. This must have been terrifying. We heard the alarm which was really strange because we had one earlier that morning. You had a fire drill that morning. Yeah, and we all knew what to do so we started heading out the classroom but when we were trying to go down the stairwell everybody just stopped. I smelled dust and I didn't know what it was so I thought it was like the school trying to pretend like fake smoke. You hasn't heard any shots yet. No, but when everybody was running up the stairs I started being shoved and heard gun the shots. At first you thought it was another drill. Yeah. Then you got back into the classroom. I had talked to my teacher and said, I am scared and then we all heard gun shots and he running loed the door and let us in. I thought he was behind me. This is Mr. Beagle. But he wasn't. What happened? When he opened the door, he had to relock it so we could stay safe. And he didn't get the chance. Might have saved your life. And I'm so thankful he was there to help everybody who did live in that classroom because he was in the doorway and the door was still open and the shooter probably didn't know we were in there because Mr. Beagle was laying on the floor so if the shooter would have came into the room I probably wouldn't be speaking with you right now. He put himself first. And he had been a big help to you all year long, hadn't he? Yeah, he would explain a lot of things to a lot of us in the classroom and he was just easy to comprehend the subject when he taught it because he would explain and give us like examples and was a really -- he was a really amazing teacher. You'll never forget him. No. Those must have been terrifying moments for you when you didn't know what happened to your daughter. I didn't know what was going on. She was texting me and tells me she hears gunshots. It's okay, Kelsey, sometimes she gets upset then she said my teacher is on the floor. I thought the teacher was hiding, not that the teacher got shot because I don't know. I called the school. The school phone was busy. I called Coral Springs. She's like is it an emergency. No, they hung up and I started yelling with the TV on. Irdidn't know what was going on and didn't text me for a little bit so I'm texting, Kelsey, Kelsey, she did and she was upset. She got me upset. It was like -- I don't know. I didn't know what to do. How could anyone know what to do in there situation. David, we saw that video. Describe what you were thinking and feeling. Honestly most of the time I thought it was a drill and I think many of us did -- A lot of you did, didn't you? Yes, because we had heard things that we would possibly have a code red drill which was a shooter drill and we thought it was a drill until after we saw the headlines. This was a life-or-death situation. Something you had trained for before, though. There had been drills. From what I've seen at the school we have had meetings and teachers talking about what to do in these type of situations actually pretty recently and had initiatives to lock all the doors and I think honestly that wo worked and easily saved a couple hundred if not a thousand lives. You knew to get back into the classroom. Have you been able to reach out to your other friends and students. Yeah, I was able to reach out to my other friends and students and, thank god, they're all all right. However, my sister who is a freshman here, she had two of her like best friends die in this awful iful incident. This is something that people cannot get used to. This is something we can't keep up. If we do get used to it it will happen again. That is so true. This is a time for our country to take a look in the mirror and realize there is a serious issue here. You just told the country that and you're exactly right. Thank you all. I hope you get the help you need

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg and Kelsey Friend tell \"GMA\" about the chaos during the shooting and how they escaped alive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53106341","title":"Students describe moments of deadly high school shooting","url":"/GMA/News/video/students-describe-moments-deadly-high-school-shooting-53106341"}