'GMA' Deals and Steals on must-have wine bags, Tervis cups and more

Tory Johnson brings exclusive discounts on products that help reduce our use of plastics.
4:23 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on must-have wine bags, Tervis cups and more
Yeah all star reviews are you. I'm reading it right. We have so many products that plastic cops first term as I easy is it true 400 years according the National Geographic she would degrade it. For the year honored here to Atlanta doesn't plastic bath models they like Israel this Israel this the real thing citizens feel saving so instead of the single use bottles Whittier drinking water so outages whatever it is. Instead used this. They've got insulated stainless steel and the big thing that everybody's talking about Pastrana's. Reusable strong as easy got a huge assortment and it's never too soon to start thinking about Halloween out plastic cover Halloween Vick says I'm here for the blues pop pop pop pop pop up could heartily at 438 dollars this whole assortment is slashed from to. Box 50% I. He's factory here gag are set designer loves them aren't his dad and Magnus got designer says that's next always kept things that she's giving means for over a year and so what does the is. Is it that you said this. Cotton land that isn't used beeswax and say you can use this. She is either store on top of a dish container. You can use it to wrap up a Sam attend magnet even got some carry out an act so whatever is what you're taking food for lunch story getting your refrigerator and T rats are good for you an idea off the normally eighteen to 48 dollars per cent is a slashing at not a yeah. The latest fashion mag this has been used for over a year from Monday's nobody in the dishwasher it's gotten in the microwave and so what's great about these is the same bag can go from freezer to stove top. Microwave to dishwasher all purpose back see you can't. Do Neil frank any you can. Reserves extending you can store your food any you can also boil microwave unbelievable three different sizes normally twenty to forty dollars purse that slashed in half tentative. Your stature back I have my dad. Yeah. Another really good like Tom this is short bags so this is their eco friendly jute bag from rose yeah. That's got food great calamity honey inside fashion that I may deliver a streak that we've also got the wind tells the Candice why tell the market telling. These are all made from eco friendly materials that won't replace your plastic. These range from eighteen to forty regularly but today they're slashing at ninety. Process. Optional while exact right idea about and then another back until another bag. So what's great about these is this little blue bags teeny like this but then it opens up and you got a really great Tony there. That will hold sort of anything whether it's well this grocery. Just all the stuff that's around this place won't have to dig deep pounds per bag. Comes in a variety expected patterns also travel Q which are really great perk up thirty lucky socks. She was whatever he's instead of plastic bag he used to travel Q unbelievable prices at every single bag that if it. Ocean Conservancy which I really love has a lot of that plastic why the city ocean that's normally. 33 to 55 dollars purse and everything is lasted so it's the we ask you mother daughter teams in the audience. Who had been testing out and he shampoo and conditioner bars and all week wow I want to ask Cuban human our great volunteer hi mom. So how do you like the products on the right they did not name the ball on the main lab there's a price. Certainly didn't like I'll likely can't relent. Right their right primal tells about my and so you can place your bottle samplings condition that we these bars being looked like so but they're not also it's Champloo. They're really fabulous and I feel like once you go to this bar you're never gonna grab the bottle we've got six different Kevin don't exactly they felt really really good. Normally 9000 mark slashed in did it by fifty backers. Yeah. Free shampoo or conditioner bar no more by. Okay. Torre I mean.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Tory Johnson brings exclusive discounts on products that help reduce our use of plastics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57642799","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on must-have wine bags, Tervis cups and more","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-wine-bags-tervis-cups-57642799"}