13-year-old creates clothes closet for classmates

Eighth grader Chase Neyland-Square is helping students in need with his PAM's Pantry.
5:41 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for 13-year-old creates clothes closet for classmates
Our next guest proves you're never too young to make a difference. Take a look. A Louisiana 8th grader with a heart for giving made headlines for ensuring his peers never go without the essentials they need. Chase Nolan square came up with Pam's pantry, a project that gives dozens of students in need clothing, school supplies and more. It's located at port Allen middle school where students can discretely pick up items. With the help of his principal, Ms. Major, chase has succeeded in helping students at his school and the community at large. Chase is an inspiration to everyone around him demonstrating that giving just a little can help a whole lot. Please welcome from port Allen middle school chase Nolan square and his principal, Ms. Major. What's up, chase? Good to see you man. You're looking good. Chase, it is so nice to have you here. This is a beautiful story. You clearly have a beautiful heart. How did you come up with Pam's I came up with Pam's pantry to help eliminate bullying. Bullying causes kids to have low self esteem and less confidence in the classroom. I created Pam's pantry at a summer program at school. It was called spark. It's where students come up with creative ideas to help the school. What is Pam? Port Allen middle school. We're also a big pamily at port Allen. I love the play on words. It helped the students and helped the community as well. It did. It has impacted on so many levels. Chase is a great example of something we try to do at port Allen middle school. That's saying the students are part of our community. They need a voice. We're always asking students what can we do to make the school better. We're going to help their ideas become a possibility. We have a lot of different things we do at the school. Chase is just one of the examples of that. A great example. A shining example. Yeah, it is. How did the idea come up? It puts a smile on my face when I help somebody. I really enjoy helping somebody. I really enjoy helping people. It touches my heart when I can help somebody. He's very involved in school. He participates in several different sports, all our clubs at school. We have a small school, 218 kids. You really get to know the children and families. Everybody -- it's a give-back kind of world we set up at our school. We're grateful chase has seen that and wanted to do that for our students. Another impact on chase are his parents, rob and Amanda. They're here today. How does this make you feel to see your son having such a huge impact? It makes us feel awesome as parents, wonderful. We're so proud of him. Chase has always been a giver. He's worked very hard in the community. He had a project this year where -- this past year where he set a goal to collect 200 socks for the homeless and the nurng home. He collected over 700 pairs of socks. He always believes that -- we always teach him that it's a blessing to be a blessing to others. That has stuck with him. We're extremely proud of everything he's done. You should be. You should be very proud. Chase, we can see a lot of these lessons you learned from your parents. I'm curious. What's next? I plan on expanding Pam's pantry to a nonprofit organization outside of school. I plan on creating a nonprofit organization. Man, you've got it -- He has a plan. My man. I got to tell you, chase, we're so thankful to you and we're so thankful that you could be here too, Ms. Majors and of course your parents. We couldn't let you go empty handed. You love history. You love hip-hop. What could be better than -- "Hamilton" tickets. We want you to go and have a blast. I'm so proud of you. Be proud of yourself. You're doing a great job. Man, I've been trying to get "Hamilton" tickets for three years. Congratulations. Enjoy "Hamilton." That's not it. Everyone here at the show wanted to contribute to what you're doing. True religion -- turn around. Look right there. True religion is going to donate $10,000 worth of clothing to Pam's pantry. Oh! How do you feel about that, man? We're glad we could put another smile on your face. Thank you for making us all better. Absolutely. "Queer eye's" antoni

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"Eighth grader Chase Neyland-Square is helping students in need with his PAM's Pantry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65669154","title":"13-year-old creates clothes closet for classmates","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/13-year-creates-clothes-closet-classmates-65669154"}