This amazing mom threw an epic back-to-school shoe party

After buying out an entire shoe store to donate, Carrie Jernigan gave back even more to her community.
4:12 | 08/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for This amazing mom threw an epic back-to-school shoe party
Go share in the heart warming story of caring Jernigan a mom from Arkansas apple bought out an entire payless shoe store so she can donate sneakers to kids. Take care of active times. Got the movement and her community. People from all over began donating school supplies backpacks and clothing for a massive back to school party that Kerry was planning to throw in. We wanted to help or how little bit too so yes take a look. And we want to get a little give you gather your community but unfortunately. We couldn't fit the gifts into the studio. So what you've got to take a look outside. As you can see on the screen back there. In. And. Yeah. Okay. Past weekend we surprised her with 30000 dollars 30000. Hours. And we wanted to see how we're so joining us by remote from our affiliate PHB ass in Rogers Arkansas is carried. And do we want to hear about it after it was done how the party bill. It lands and made seeing. Thirty minutes before it started we had over a thousand people in line waiting to get all aimed at a Tammy and it was over winds. We have had fast thousand same lazy kids through the doors seagate those school supplies and backpacks. Yeah. I fans they got to see Dennis thank god she's the Sox and the and they winning got these backpacks. And school supplies. Villa most Manny had we not even exist they were so cool. Only I. And hasn't been any other key in the that you saw there. Dana what are happy. And and it Jenks and gain love what they dial lol so happy they weren't running back and I teens and we're you know here. Edison Pena we have talked about was that thankfully ends and every whine eat it was heart warming. What this all started because you decided in the harbor you wanted to buy could choose for a classmate is development division movement so. Are you surprised at how big this added up being 5000 people that's a lot. It still surprises me in you not go back to. Warning small act of kindness from a nine year old spurred me indicating one small act. In binges to see the ripple effect friend around my community around the state around the nation and there were multiple and there and beings. That day friend people that saw my story had to sank. We received donations from around the country in the world south even showed as hatches even sent to a small act can turn into such a big thing. How did it ultimately feel seeing all those faces. Of people that now locked in a brand new pair of shoes as they head out school this year when he saw those same police they were leaving with those full backpacks. McCain they had more shoes and socks and most of them KKK Erie and it was so heartwarming and Alan -- the stories and I heard that name and that tons in the cases and that they keys. For the rest him outlast so in thank you all from the bottom are hard I. Thank you so much Carrie Ann harbor is true the angels honored not mention that yes yeah. You know she'll hold out there that the bill hold onto that he'd put ripped through absolutely amazing amazing story.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"After buying out an entire shoe store to donate, Carrie Jernigan gave back even more to her community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64995321","title":"This amazing mom threw an epic back-to-school shoe party","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/amazing-mom-threw-epic-back-school-shoe-party-64995321"}