Model Hunter McGrady shares style advice to celebrate your curves

The body positivity activist shares some of her top fashion tips live on "GMA."
4:24 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for Model Hunter McGrady shares style advice to celebrate your curves
this morning and we've got an inside look at one of the most buzzed about events celebrating women with curves and how the fashion industry is becoming more inclusive. Models are hitting the runway. While they strut their stuff another event is happening called curvy con. A three-day event where women meet to embrace curves and explore topics like style, fitness and body positivity and, of course, shop the latest collections made for women with curves. And with fashion for all now a hot trend the number of retailers making clothes for women of all sizes is growing. Has plus sizes in store right Reporter: Stores like Ann Taylor loft, target and anthropologie adding more sizes. More choices from modcloth. The confidence and style it curvy con showcasing how big brands are helping all women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful when they get dressed. All right. We're all excited about this. Joining us is model hunter Mcgrady showing us some of the hottest trends for fall. I'm so excited to be here. Before we get to see some of these looks walk me through how far we've come, how much more we have to do when it comes to including body positivity and clothing for all women in the fashion industry? Yes, so I started modding -- models when I was 16. I never saw anybody like me. Nor did I have many options. To fast forward and have a lot more options is so just heartwarming and makes me so happy. Granted, we have a long way to go. It's still hard to go to fifth avenue or soho and shop down the street. You know, I think that it takes designers to see the value in it and realize that the demand, you know, just far outweighs the supply right now but I think that we're getting there. Little by little. Little by little. Let's take a look. You have some great examples at what we're going to see for fall. Let's start with number one, this is Portia. Great floral dress and I told you right before we came on, I was nervous about wearing florals because maybe I thought it was too springy or summery. You know why, a dark floral. That is what is in for fall because it's a great transition piece. You can bring it from summertime to fall. This is by hutch and it's from anthropologie's new extended line and paired it with the red booty, the red jacket to kind of pop it out a little bit and that gives you a fall take as well, right? Yes. Portia, you look amazing. We have Priscilla wearing one -- three of fall's hottest trends and they are -- I love this. Tell us what we've got. So Priscilla is wearing, of course, the millennial purple. I didn't know -- I knew millennial pink. So now we are in millennial purple. This is so flattering on every skin tone. We also kind of just did a little bow in the hair which we are seeing lots of and a snake print which we have loved and seen during summertime which is pairing into fall. Everyone can wear a pencil skirt. Everyone can wear a pencil skirt. Put a belt on and wear it with sneakers, dress it down, dress it up. How do you feel. I feel like I'm ready to slay the day. We have another one. Sara, you have the classic jeans and a blazer, looks fantastic. Tell us why this works. Yeah, this is one of my favorites, it's my go too. I'm obsessed with a blazer and can wear it with anything. With a more tailored trouser for work or you could bring it with a Jean and some cute loafers and ready to go. And houndstooth they have goat out of style. You ladies all look amazing. Thank you so much. You can learn more about hunter Mcgrady's journey on our

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The body positivity activist shares some of her top fashion tips live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65426447","title":"Model Hunter McGrady shares style advice to celebrate your curves","url":"/GMA/Style/video/model-hunter-mcgrady-shares-style-advice-celebrate-curves-65426447"}