JetBlue to test UV cleaning inside its planes

JetBlue is the first major U.S. airline to test UV cleaning inside the cabin as airlines try to increase safety standards amid the coronavirus pandemic.
2:54 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for JetBlue to test UV cleaning inside its planes
We have an ABC news exclusive now taking a look at new technology to help keep you safe from the coronavirus while flying. It's a device that uses uv light and gio Benitez will show us how it works. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Hey, George, good morning to you. This is the device that may just change the way airlines are keeping their planes clean. In fact, starting right now, jetblue is going to be using this on some of its planes here at JFK and ft. Lauderdale and "Gma" right now is getting an exclusive first look. What you're looking at may just be the next tool in fighting the coronavirus on a plane. Honeywe'll uv cabin system, a sort of high-tech snack cart but instead of peanuts it's serving up a powerful dose of uv light aimed at killing germs and viruses like covid-19. The coronavirus has changed I think how we all look at health, how we all look at safety. Reporter: President Joanna gearty giving "Gma" an exclusive look at the airline's latest the device's wings spread out wide shining that uv light over the seats. Other lights zero in on the overhead compartment, the operator standing behind a uv light shield, so powerful it can be dangerous to others so the cabin must be empty. I think a lot of people might be watching this and saying, how do you know it works? That's what the test is all about. We have a team from Honeywell and jetblue team looking at the effectiveness of the application and whether or not in samples whether or not the coronavirus has been killed. We think uv technology has a tremendous application similar to what is used in hospitals. Reporter: Honeywell says the device can disinfect a plane in less than ten minute. This is technology that's been used in hospitals for many years demonstrated to be over 90% effective on all kinds of pathogens, not just viruses but bacteria, et cetera. Reporter: Jetbluization it's not stopping at planes. The airline has been testing uv technology at the check-in kiosk. This is the uv clean and it's meant to disinfect the screen before you touch it. Still, the big question, is uv light an effective disinfectant? Uv light is another tool in our toolbox. It's no substitute for proper disinfection and cleaning. I believe in it. I think it can work. But I think it just needs to be done in a smart way and in a way to keep people safe. Reporter: That's why Geraghty says it's critical. It's something we would consider using long term. Reporter: She says it's not something that will replace what they're already doing. They're going to keep that manual cleaning, the electrostatic spraying. This will just complement that. Honeywell says it is in talks with other airlines about possibly bringing this on board. Amy. All right, very interesting, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"JetBlue is the first major U.S. airline to test UV cleaning inside the cabin as airlines try to increase safety standards amid the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72049330","title":"JetBlue to test UV cleaning inside its planes","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/jetblue-test-uv-cleaning-inside-planes-72049330"}