2013 Westminster Dog Show Hits Manhattan

Tanya Rivero previews Westminster Kennel Club's annual event.
2:43 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for 2013 Westminster Dog Show Hits Manhattan
New york city, the hotels are booked solid. Not just with people who got straptsed by the snowstorm. Nope, some very high-profile pooches are taking over for the annual westminster kennel club dog show. This year some new breeds are nipping in the heels of the competition. Abc's tonya rivero is here to tell us more. Hey, tonya. Dog lovers are gearing up for the biggest show of the year, the westminster dog show. If you think the people are excited, just wait till you see the dogs ♪ get ready, everyone. New york is about to go to the dogs. Oh. Reporter: Tomorrow, 2700 tail waggers will begin competing for best in show. Westminster is like the oscar of dog shows, it's an honor to be here whether you win or lose. Reporter: The level of prep and pampering going on at the pennsylvania hotel would make any girl jealous. My job to greet the two-legged and four-legged guests and hand out cookies and deal with the pap razzry. Reporter: First the dogs work out. These pups are doing pilates, then a bath, before the blow-out and manicure. I have to totally bathe out his long feathering and blow dry it straight. S that a good girl. Reporter: Judy davis keeps the doggie spa running smoothly. 100 bales of shaving. That's just the nine for logistics. Reporter: Then the canine kings and pooches can hit the paw mall for a little shopping and r&r before the big day. There we go. Reporter: Upholding this yearly tradition of purebred excellence. The winner of the sporting -- Reporter: That began before the light bulb was invented. This year 187 breeds will compete for best in group ton on tuesday, to take the crown from last year's top dog, best in show -- is the pekingese. Maliki, the pekingese. Anybody who loves dogs. It'll be tough to beat. Two new breeds competing, the treeing walker coonhound and russell terrier. Over a hundred years ago when it began there were only six recognized breeds. Now there are 177, dan and bianna. That's a lot of doggone competition. I've covered the show before. What I love is these people doing like ridiculous thing, interviewing them while the dog is running on the treadmill and take it completely serious. I love the doggie con si siierge.

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{"id":18455784,"title":"2013 Westminster Dog Show Hits Manhattan","duration":"2:43","description":"Tanya Rivero previews Westminster Kennel Club's annual event.","url":"/GMA/video/2013-westminster-dog-show-hits-manhattan-18455784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}