8/31/05: Robin Roberts Visits Mississippi in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Roberts talked to residents devastated by the powerful storm in Gulfport, Mississippi.
4:38 | 08/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8/31/05: Robin Roberts Visits Mississippi in Wake of Hurricane Katrina
That's you know Robin Roberts and it's and we are very connected to their community their hometown as the town of 6000 Mississippi. Call pass Christy and saw her wearing that T shirt if today for her hometown. About thirteen miles west of gulf war tent after the storm she decided to show us all what it's like to be one of the thousands of people they're going out in search of the people in place as you know so well. And Robin joins us again from Gulfport Robin. Cool and I take a deep breath thank you Diana thank you for mentioning their past the shanties T Cheryl was asking what the ballot that was but that is my hometown while at the high school I was former miss past five you can believe it or not. Thirteen miles west as you said I I spent a lot of time of my family yesterday in Biloxi they are finding it's only to get out and get to work and and let people know. What's happening here on the Gulf Coast and Diane you know how fondly I've only spoken about the Gulf Coast and I still do it when I think they'll also must look out there. The Mississippi Gulf Coast can't tell you how many hours I spent out on that beach meditating jogging that's just the way a a way of life here now the water is serene again but yesterday it was a typical journey. Going up and down highway ninety and seeing that catastrophe and knocked on just about everybody store. Mile after a heartbreaking mile movie theaters strip balls corner stores blown to pieces. An entire neighborhoods will just gone. C a corner here that was a Mexican restaurant right there. It is completely gone all that remains of Mary Jane Allen's home can fit it a laundry basket. I'm very thankful to stay alive then look at the task ahead of whom. Garnett Wetzel is picking up the pieces to startled by every discovery. Wetzel beach front home amazingly stands but the ground floor very washed away. Ours is one of the few structures from nightly same thing everywhere we look. Neighbors helping neighbors sharing whatever little they have left. We don't have a roar again flights na. To Gulf Coast residents many of whom remember Hurricane Camille destruction more than 35 years ago Katrina is wait believes that a strong. With hearts healing. I'll you this morning. With hugs and handshakes side knit friends and neighbors that I will never forget about. In fact as I reported about their families' time and time again they asked about mine. Conservation here only women and I kind of man. Are we were reminded of the emergencies. And and recovery rescues still surrounding us up and down the Gulf Coast I like to let my two Brothers normal they're worried about. People were desperate the phone loved ones so we're trying to reach your my niece's name mister Reid Anderson. They're asking us to female relative to tell them. They were alive. I wanna let another mom now in California not my relatives can work fine we lost our home but what find this journey took beta special places in my life. My Summers my winters my memories. My home. And I try to get back to my my home in the past as itself actually referred to. Can't get and can't see about home that we still own there is still standing are not on that I grew up in my sister's home in Long Beach can't get the bad as well. Many many stories that you hear from from people like that we just can't who can't who can't check on their home but they're just so grateful. And feel so blessed to be to be a lot. This is the home of Garnett and James Wetzel here right off the beach about 250 yards from from the beach and they want us to be sure and tell their family or friends that they can't get the message out the wet souls are fine. They are alive and well and they wanted us to let their their family and friends know that and a lot of thought about neighbors coming together Charlie Diana might and I am. My mom's neighborhood. This day across the street has a gas though some people go over there so they could make it looks done some stuff up there with. Cynthia Tommy they've got water the third letting another neighbor is in a neighbor came by early this morning asset tag out I gotta make should shift. Shower in the backyard that's of that suffering for everybody to use just. The real sense of community and I've always felt here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and at some. It's alive and well. Active community and the Wessels found their flag does that hanging. As being the only people saying let months and we know whom Lew.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Roberts talked to residents devastated by the powerful storm in Gulfport, Mississippi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32992721","title":"8/31/05: Robin Roberts Visits Mississippi in Wake of Hurricane Katrina","url":"/GMA/video/83105-robin-roberts-visits-mississippi-wake-hurricane-katrina-32992721"}