Alec Baldwin discusses season 3 of 'Match Game'

Comedian Alec Baldwin sits down with Lara Spencer to dish on the third season of the hit show "Match Game."
3:19 | 01/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alec Baldwin discusses season 3 of 'Match Game'
Lara. Alec Baldwin has dominated TV comedy starring on "30 rock" playing trump on "Snl" now returning to the small screen tonight hosting ABC's revival of the '60s game show, one of my fave, "Match game." Here's the host of "Match game," Alec Baldwin. Reporter: A new year brings a new chance to fill in the blank. We've been watching "Lord of the rings" all wrong. The one ring to rule them all isn't worn on your finger, it goes on your blank. Reporter: The revival of "Match game" on ABC features everyday people vying for 25 grand while trying to match the often risque answers of a celebrity panel. Poo poo. Reporter: In a game of fill in the blanks. So many game shows. You got Strahan, you got Steve. What's special about Alec Baldwin. Are we rolling? Yes. You asked moo he that question. You're throwing that down. I'm throwing down. I'm throwing down. Strahan, Steve Harvey. Versus you. Why me? Well, I mean I think it's obvious. I mean -- The man behind the skinny Mike none other than Alec Baldwin. Ready for his third season at the helm. We get to see you really relaxed a different guy. One of the best jobs I've ever had and play trump on TV. This is the time I'd like to reflect on all the good things I've soon this year. It'll only take a minute. Reporter: His role as host a little surprising for an "Snl" favorite and movie star, but he says it's all fun and games. As busy as you are, why a game show. I remember sitting backstage and literally I said to myself I'm so lucky. TV has replaced the movies in the hearts of the American viewer. There's great quality. So much quality, so much choice so when I do the game show, I said to myself I get to stay home. I work with people I love. I have a ball. It's in New York, it's easy and everything in my life is about being with my kids. Why have kids at my age, why have kids and not be with them? Reporter: This season features a brand-new lineup of hilarious panel IFS that Baldwin helped pick himself. Joel Mchale, niecy Nash and Caroline rhea. Two of your "30 rock" pals, jack and Jane. We have an anchor chair we like to have someone in that is reliable so I got a couple of people who I said I want them on as many shows as possible, jack and khairul line rhea. They come in the green room the stars of the show, we schmooze with them. Some have a drink. Some have more than one drink. Is it fun that they're a little looser. The morning crowd, not. The afternoon crowd, they have a drink and then the third show, my god, it's like you think you were on the set of "Pirates of the caribbean." Judy needs a fresh drink. Reporter: Those panelists not shy about sharing their thoughts on Baldwin's stellar hosting jobs. He's fun. He's witty. He was born for this. I got like lost in his eyes even when he wasn't looking at me. You have entertainers are a big smapart of the show. Other shows can be funny relying on mom and dad and the host and let's face it, Harvey is funny but he's not anywhere near as funny as I am. You can see the premiere of "Match game" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"id":52105539,"title":"Alec Baldwin discusses season 3 of 'Match Game' ","duration":"3:19","description":"Comedian Alec Baldwin sits down with Lara Spencer to dish on the third season of the hit show \"Match Game.\"","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-discusses-season-match-game-52105539","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}