'Amazing Spider-man 2' Cast Takes Over 'GMA'

The cast and crew discuss their new film, the first big blockbuster of the summer.
8:52 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for 'Amazing Spider-man 2' Cast Takes Over 'GMA'
Assuming -- -- that this is not it happens producer and director. Of Spider-Man amazing Spider-Man. Do a lot. -- -- -- OK and I spotted three feet so that's what I'm thinking that we are so very excited to have each and everyone that you. Does this morning you have been going all of around the world -- have these great. Back in New York -- realized that there. But right. -- -- -- -- special location. From the -- ever gonna show right now there really is iconic for the movie and -- here in Times Square so let's take a look. The amazing Spider-Man two. Conceding you don't -- -- We are perfectly shots -- -- the. You guys. My body -- that's going to bounce back yeah. You're -- ten -- through your puppy love hearing that there may just be careful great. He makes a -- take venture. And -- -- -- plus Sobel. Wait Maliki. Like good news. Please tell the world -- -- you've always been electric. Whether you've -- but you're you're taking it to the extreme here. -- -- -- -- And jelly. Yeah -- I think was great about this whole -- franchises that all of these characters that ability. Out of the company -- -- -- -- the first black man would have comb over is definitely -- -- Invited me. Some things don't. When he's like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Able to play defense like split personalities it's like a younger brother older brother. Well I guess -- and I loved by. About us as individuals. -- Beloved twice a -- -- -- -- it's wonderful world we need Spiderman right now that we're having a few technical it. Difficulties you're talking earlier Jamie about. He's -- are good people but have some problems and -- -- character as well we saw -- -- just but it didn't end up that way. You know we started out as friends through childhood friends but because it complicated and ultimately -- take my life and in my own hands as. And and and so the battle these. News and you know what there were a lot of battles and a lot of dysfunction but come on in that there was a love story. That's what you that's what drew you to this role. Yeah I think. When's -- entire -- is what really. Really care news story a tragic and beautiful what happens in front of Peter and and make such an impact on computers -- moving forward it back. And sell your character as every -- do you really -- impact do the woman on it was like. -- -- I -- -- a -- hurt when he was talking about his his parents -- you raised embrace this young man. Snap tight -- damning you know we've forgotten was the one that did all of that. -- back -- -- all of that the director and producers. Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful mark let me ask you this I know that you've been a part of this project is forced to move on the to the project is that a stay with the. -- I think it has Spiderman fan first and foremost an incentive formative experience. Working with this company. Yeah. Pinch myself I don't wanna what I did write a past life -- work these people to really fantastic experience. Court but I do really yeah. -- -- -- -- part that's what sets this -- apart from the other place. We're just it's big here the cost is and they thing. Feels New York which -- in the old which -- basic -- vitamin country. It just it's a big here didn't matter -- emotional take action. Boxers. Just did -- that they the character it cannot describe that day out of them. They did come -- -- Matt and just that was shot here in new York and and then New Yorkers are very happy it's that the first time the district has all of that was shot here. Let's go to the destruction scenes that we saw didn't believe it attacks that had to be done just look back lots. We love the city -- we didn't want thank you -- we wanted to respect that. We actually built Times Square was shot here I think for about four hours in Times Square and then we -- Times Square in Long Island. Which was. Insane the scope of it is a really big place there's a lot of light. So that was an enormous undertaking and we sort of -- created a little bit of New York out in Long Island and we went there are. For many a hundred -- You can recreate that you. -- about that you were right here in Manhattan the real lot of people that we're asking questions. The social you know lots of some media is huge that's I want to bring some of the questions from our -- and -- -- you've been around the world answering questions like this but Katrina on FaceBook wanted to now. What each of you what your favorite superhero of all time you can take -- movie apparently. -- I would be -- election. With a widow -- -- all the premise is that if the agreements between those educational moment we'll -- -- -- with Jesus had to spell. Spiderman will come on. And that was the first time news sides of the year old there wasn't animated film in it was easy to -- -- -- student -- and everything like that so and and Natalie. What this does for kids. Although Brett -- you -- my daughter who's five. Spider-Man that. You know Spider-Man is is the man and -- -- -- to all of Cuba's been hit me my phone crash. I also don't call me exactly that. Ted -- for -- hot or not I'm not -- in I'm not slamming on. Because your -- star in this. Everybody so that big jacket back to Perrier and the -- -- was 818. I read that eloquent on the street yeah exactly so -- -- I didn't get a question -- maybe see it at. Sally people -- asking on Twitter at if you could swap characters within a movie who would you be taking. All well look I think everybody wants to be Spider-Man you know that's that's what you feel good to see these movies incidents like -- said -- -- -- -- -- -- identifies -- Peter -- And once you know makes the right decisions turned out to be to -- so. -- always be a little boy inside. Loans sent. -- -- -- -- -- Jamie when I dropped its poly high kind of guy that's just just sort of meet them halfway good -- really -- Yes -- Throws in the final. It looked like -- asking I think my favorite part of the movie is by far -- the villain. And that other civilians that you would want to portray that was another one of my question they'll let us know anybody can. What -- -- another yet another island would trade him. Kind of black -- on me. Yeah I'm. -- -- I'm -- And any villain if you look at what. Landrieu. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got so much about what you all have been great sports are coming up here on the -- -- -- just release sets the tone for this. This -- is coming off a week from Friday that all around the world thanks for making time for us here -- little old Times Square. It is amazing we saw a hundred keeping an attack Syria -- movie like I got. -- -- -- sell the amazing Spider-Man two is in theaters everywhere Friday may second.

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{"id":23452553,"title":"'Amazing Spider-man 2' Cast Takes Over 'GMA'","duration":"8:52","description":"The cast and crew discuss their new film, the first big blockbuster of the summer.","url":"/GMA/video/amazing-spiderman-cast-crew-discuss-big-blockbuster-summer-23452553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}