Brothers Each Lose Leg in Boston Blast

One of the two brothers has vivid memories of the explosion.
2:55 | 04/17/13

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Transcript for Brothers Each Lose Leg in Boston Blast
We'll bring you now this really remarkable story. Two brothers who were at the boston marathon finish line cheering on a childhood friend, both severely injured bearing the initial brunt of the force of the explosion, both losing their right legs just below the knee. They were just going into surgery yesterday when we interviewed members of their family take a look. They're known by family and friends as the tough guys with the softest hearts, but this morning j.P. And paul norden also exemplify the tenacious spirit of their hometown as both begin the long road to recovery after monday's bloody horror. Their bodies bore the bankrupt of the initial epgs explosion and in the midst each man lost a leg. Their mother, liz, told me paul called her frantic moments after the blast. My son called me at 3:00 on my cell phone. He said he was hurt really bad and couldn't find his brother or his girlfriend and that he was being rushed to the hospital. Reporter: In the chaos the brothers were separated and rushed to different hospitals not knowing if the other had lived. Paul at beth israel. J.P. To brigham and women's a half mile away where he underwent two emergency surgeries. Painstaking hours passed before his family even knew if j.P. Was alive. What were those moments like when you first saw your boys? Terrible. I wish I could take the place for them. It's terrible. All those people, it's -- i just -- it's like I want to wake up and have it not be Reporter: This morning 33-year-old j.P. Is off a ventilator breathing on his own. He has a hard time speaking but his little sister says he remembers the moment of the explosion vividly. He remembered everything and the 8-year-old boy was actually right in front of him when that happened and passed away right in front of him so he knew that. Reporter:31-year-old paul has undergone multiple the surgeries due back in the o.R. In the next few hours. Their sister says these heroic brothers are bearing the pain of the injuries but not the idea of being a part. The first question they have asked, they just keep asking about each other. They cry and then they ask again and cry again and it just makes me sad to know one is worried about the other on knows his leg is gone and just like heartbreaking to me. Their legs are changed forever. A dear friend of theirs also lost both of his legs. Paul's girlfriend severely burned and I promise we will be having updates as this family begins to recover. We're staying with them. This sunday there will be a fund-raiser meanwhile, for the nordens at the dock side restaurant in wakefield where they live, the dockside restaurant in wakefield where they live.

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{"id":18976981,"title":"Brothers Each Lose Leg in Boston Blast","duration":"2:55","description":"One of the two brothers has vivid memories of the explosion.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-explosions-norden-brothers-lose-leg-blast-18976981","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}