Broadway Star Andrew Rannells Talks New Film 'The Intern'

The "Book of Mormon" and "Hedwig" star heats up the big screen with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
3:56 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Broadway Star Andrew Rannells Talks New Film 'The Intern'
You and I haveething in common. We do. You landed and catapulted off the ss George Washington." "George H.W. Bush." Lord, have yeah, there's no ship named after George Washington. George bush. I landed and catapulted off "The uss enterprise" in the mediterranean sea. How did that feel like, a car crash. Yeah, it was unbelievable. It was really cool. Unbelievable when you took off, the Gs, slingshoted up. Like going to the moon. Felt great. All right. Next a social question for you. All the way from glen view, Illinois. From Cindy wolf. Oh, Cyndi Wolfe it's really -- Robert de Niro, at his finest. Robert de Niro is amazing. I mean the movie -- Nancy created this story about changing stereotypes and perceptions and, you know, a woman in charge sometimes would be labeled as difficult and a man who is retired could be labeled as useless and I think that the -- what the film sort of shows those perceptions are untrue. I will tell you that when I heard I was doing this and I saw the picture for the movie and I saw Anne Hathaway sitting with Robert de Niro and I saw the words "The intern," my perception was -- Yeah. That it was Anne that was the intern. No, Robert de Niro plays the intern in this movie. It's a really great, great film and so proud to be a little part of it and it opens this Friday which is very exciting. Yeah, well, I was going to say that at the end but let's plug it, beginning, middle and end. What was it like working with the great Robert de Niro? Was there that sense of nervousness. Oh, yeah, no, that never went away. It literally never went away. He could not be nicer, could not be friendlier and make himself for accessible, very generous. That's him right now. Yes, he's waiting for you. He's coming to pick me up. Yeah. One second. You know what I never got to the part that I never got to him with him, he would say call me bob and I can't. I so would have. I have to call you Mr. De Niro. There is a respect thing. Can we show a clip? I would love to show a clip. You want to Dea little bit? Roll 'em. Hey, I need you for two minutes uninterrupted. Remember a few weeks ago we talked about the senior intern program. No. Really. We had a whole big conversation about it. We did? Okay, remind me, seniors in high school or college. No, no, no, seniors in life. Older people. Hold on, what? I told you I felt like we needed to do an outreach program. You definitely seemed to be liking it so I set it in motion. Hold please of the you're hiring senior citizen interns. There's been a ton of research on this and the results are actually incredible. I mean imagine having an intern with a lifetime of experience as opposed to somebody who spent the last four years of their life playing beer pong. So you didn't get to see bob, Mr. The great Robert de Niro but you saw you and Anne Hathaway and you've known Anne so this was comfortable. We met a couple times before we worked together so she made it easy to be friends with on screen and off screen. You make it easy too. Well -- I feel like I'm diving into the set of "Girls" which comes back in January. I know we have to wait a little longer but it was a fun season. We filmed a little of it right here at this very spot last time -- what a charming clip of me just drunk -- We only show the best. Please come back. Let's go flea marketing. All right. You heard it here first and EE

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"The \"Book of Mormon\" and \"Hedwig\" star heats up the big screen with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33942878","title":"Broadway Star Andrew Rannells Talks New Film 'The Intern'","url":"/GMA/video/broadway-star-andrew-rannells-talks-film-intern-33942878"}