Charlie Sheen on Life After Revealing HIV Diagnosis

The Golden Globe-winning actor said he feels like he is "carrying the torch" for others battling HIV.
4:13 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Charlie Sheen on Life After Revealing HIV Diagnosis
We got to begin with this. Michael, you and Charlie sheen. Yes, George, he did not hold back on anything. He's known for speaking his mind and his new movie "Mad families" pushing the envelope on what people expect from a Hollywood star and being extremely open and honest about the diagnosis that changed his life. Tiger blood. Okay. Adonis DNA. Okay. Does that guy still exist? Not too long ago, these were the words that personified Charlie sheen. For decades he's remained a Hollywood fixture on screen and in the party scene. But it was the announcement of his HIV diagnosis about a year ago that would change his life forever. How do you feel? I feel really good. I feel really good. I am so grateful. For eight months I've been enrolled in an fda study for a medication for a drug called pro 140 that's in the late stages of its trial run. We are very close to being approved. And it is not this hideous cocktail that leads to so many side effects, emotionally and physically, it's one shot a week. It's going well and I feel like I'm carrying the torch for a lot of folks out there that are suffering from the same thing, you know. And all of in that happened, has there been a silver lining. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the day I was diagnosed, I immedialy wanted to eat a bullet but my mom was there and wouldn't do that in front of her or have her clean up that mess but something came over me and they gave me a handful of pills and said you can go home and you're going to live. If I had brain cancer or stomach thing or meningitis we might not be sitting here right now so I'm so grateful for what was available when it happened and even more grateful for what's available right now and I'm in the middle of it, you know. So you kind of put everything into perspective. It did. I can feel the future with this thing and it's much bigger and more important than I am, you know. Yeah. How has your life changed now? Are you happy where you are? Some days are better than others but most days are pretty frickin' deal. Yeah. Just I walk out in the world and it's just warm hugs and compliments and there's nothing but love out there right now. Love is good. Nothing but love out there. Everybody needs love. Love gets you through a lot of stuff. I'm on a drug. It's called Charlie sheen. Whether or not that old tiger blood Charlie still exists is. I'm a high priest Vatican assassin warlord. He has to because I think ultimately in our blueprint, in our DNA I believe that we are the sum total of all of our experiences, good and bad, you know. But they don't lead the charge. It's fun to kind of watch sometimes but also just a little bit cringeable. Man, I was banging seven gram rocks and finishing them because that's how I roll, one speed, go. It's like, dude, what the hell was that? Have you ever looked back and said what the hell was I thinking. Oh, hell yeah and I was doing way too much testosterone cream. Ah. Yeah, trying to keep the libido up. It metabolizes into a basically a 'roid rage. That whole odyssey was basically a accidental 'roid rage but there's some good quotes that came out of it. There's some great quotes that came out. Great moments. Some of the most quoted moments. So bizarre. So bizarre. So bizarre. Where do you see yourself in ten years. Here's what I do know, I'll still be here and that just might upset a few folks. Hmm. Always open, always Charlie. He does not change for anybody. You can see more of my interview in our next hour. We have more and he's opening up about his family. The house is full of pictures of his kid, his mother and everyone and we'll talk about his new movie as well. He still has that edgy energy but he looks so different. Looks so different. I think he looks better. Yeah. His family really helped him get through that difficult time.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"The Golden Globe-winning actor said he feels like he is \"carrying the torch\" for others battling HIV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44701826","title":"Charlie Sheen on Life After Revealing HIV Diagnosis","url":"/GMA/video/charlie-sheen-life-revealing-hiv-diagnosis-44701826"}