David Hasselhoff hit the gym for 6 weeks to work with 'The Rock' in 'Baywatch'

The original "Baywatch" actor dishes on his role in the upcoming film version of the popular television series.
4:39 | 05/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Hasselhoff hit the gym for 6 weeks to work with 'The Rock' in 'Baywatch'
We are here with the Hoff. Give it up for the legendary David hasselhoff. Come on. ??? David, I learned a little well-known fact about you. You are the most watched actor in television history. You even hold a guinness world record. So I want to ask you what do you think it is about you that makes you so popular? You. Know, I really don't know, I think the best thing I think is persistence and also like staying hot with the kids. You know, I did "Spongebob" a few years ago. And I went in to my daughter. Do you know about a sponge named Bob and she said spongebob, dad, do it, do it. I did "Dodgeball" and "Hop" and did a YouTube channel song with the rock and it just keeps me current with the kids and I think it helps. Yeah, you're relevant. Really young with that. "Spongebob." A lot of age in between. You were Mitch Buchanan on "Baywatch" for 11 years and found out you'd on O be on the big screen neo the rock. What character is the rock playing and they said he's playing you, they said and I said he's playing me, Mitch Buchanan. What am I like his brother, itch. You know, the first thing I did was I said, well, if I have to shoot a picture with Dwyane I better work out and got in the gym and put on ten pounds and was ready and went to the set. It was really a nice set. He was really kind and cool and gracious and wanted to know all about "Baywatch" and thank you for coming and Zach was so cool and, you know, he said what's your secret to "Baywatch" and I said, being cool. You know also make it real. You know, make it real. You got to make it real. But when you see the movie, it's different than "Baywatch" but it's really kind of -- it's very funny but very today, you know. Very much different than -- you can't re-create an '0s television show. You just can't and so they did a good job with it. You got the mustache so you're recreating something from the '80s. I'm trying to be Tom Selleck. Feel free to tweet whether you like it or don't. I want to congratulate you on "Hoff the record." You play a fictionalized version of yourself but how much of the show is actually based on you in real life? The show is really based on me. It was actually a chance to take all the stuff that has been written about me and what people perceive of me and put it on television and have fun and say, hey, wait a minute. I'm a real guy. I'm David hasselhoff and put the comedy element in and worked. In fact, we won an international Emmy and we're proud to say it's on Netflix now and it's doing great. Congrats. Well, "Baywatch" hits the airs Thursday, may 25th and you can watch "Hoff the record" on Netflix. We'll send it back to robin and George. Thank you, ladies. All right. They've been very patient, George. I can see that. Excited. Ro rock & roll hall of famers, green day. We appreciate you coming around to kick off -- see what I did that. Coming around to kick off our summer concert series. You guys, I got to tell you, people have been lining up. They have come from near and far. What has this journey been like for you guys? It's just -- it's been a long, strange trip, you know. It's been almost 30 years or something like that, good lord and we're on this new tour right now for revolution radio and I can't think of a better time to be in green day? We'll hear "Still breathing" and "Rolling stone" called it an inspirational anthem. What inspired it? I don't know. I think especially right now all things considered you just have to count your blessings and think about what it's like to just be alive. I mean sometimes that's it. "Still breathing" and hear me say 30 years and counting going strong and you are going to be

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{"id":47501803,"title":"David Hasselhoff hit the gym for 6 weeks to work with 'The Rock' in 'Baywatch'","duration":"4:39","description":"The original \"Baywatch\" actor dishes on his role in the upcoming film version of the popular television series. ","url":"/GMA/video/david-hasselhoff-hit-gym-weeks-work-rock-baywatch-47501803","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}