Egyptian Police Killed in Ambush by Militants

Despite warnings from military leaders, two minibuses carrying off-duty officers were attacked.
1:10 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Egyptian Police Killed in Ambush by Militants
Yeah, unfortunately more breaking news to deliver here. The violence grows once again as two dozen policemen have been killed this an ambush there by militants. This attack comes despite new warnings from military leaders there. The h toll now stands at roughly 900 with 450 killed in just the last four days. Abc's muhammad lila is in cairo with more. Good morning to you, muhammad. Reporter: Good morning, josh. As you say, another big development here. At least 24 egyptian officers from an elite unit killed in the sinai region. The sinai is in the eastern part, home to a numbe of tourist destinations but also right next to the border with israel which, of course, is america's key ally in this region. The government saying it happened when the egyptian policemen were in two vans or buses when they were attacked by islamic militants with rocket-propelled grenades. The death toll continued to rise with skirmishes reported in a number of cities and, of course, the nighttime curfew still in effect not just in cairo but elsewhere, as well. Egyptians struggling for normal life. Not clear if it's a cease-fire or whether this is just the latest break with more violence to come. Josh. Muhammad lila in cairo, thank you.

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{"id":19997871,"title":"Egyptian Police Killed in Ambush by Militants","duration":"1:10","description":"Despite warnings from military leaders, two minibuses carrying off-duty officers were attacked.","url":"/GMA/video/egypt-news-police-killed-ambush-militants-amid-violent-19997871","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}