Florida Lottery Murder Trial: Letters to Victim's Family

Police informant testified that Dee Dee Moore wrote letters from the man she allegedly killed.
2:27 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Lottery Murder Trial: Letters to Victim's Family
We're going to turn to the latest in the florida lottery murder trial. New protections ordered for the jury. And new testimony about how dee dee moore swindled the lottery winner before murdering him. Linsey davis has the details. Reporter: It's like something out of "csi," george. Dee dee moore try wrote a letter she killed. The man who supposedly wrote this letter was not just dead. He was also illiterate. For the first time, when the jury walks into trial for the dee dee moore murder trial, they'll have an escort. This after they said that one of the witnesses and several of the friends and family of the murder victim were staring at them and made them feel uncomfortable when outside the courtroom. Does it affect your ability to be fair and impartial in this case? No. I just want to feel safe. Reporter: On monday, they looked at rambling two-page letter, that police detective smith said that moore forged in an effort to convince his mother he was still alive. She had a brand-new laptop set up, and a printer. She had a rubber type glove on. And a scarf thing over her head. What did that conceal? That was supposed to conceal her hair. Reporter: Greg smith testified he was informing police of his interactions with moore, as he was to help her create the illusion he was still alive. Smith read the letter in court. Don't worry about dee. There's too many people that know I left. I gave her enough money. She would not take anything from me unless I agreed. Reporter: Shortly after the letter was written, shakespeare's body was found buried under a slab of concrete in moore's backyard. During testimony, jurors listened to hours of recording where moore admitted to smith, she was afraid of being arrested. If they do arrest you, you're going to get a bond. And I will -- can it be outrageous? How big was o.J. Simpson's? The bond is only like $300. I have somebody that can get you out of there. Reporter: With regard to the staredown, none of the jurors have been excused by the judge. Court continues today. And dee dee moore maintains she is an innocent woman. Sam, what have you got today? I don't know if I can top

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{"id":17873983,"title":"Florida Lottery Murder Trial: Letters to Victim's Family","duration":"2:27","description":"Police informant testified that Dee Dee Moore wrote letters from the man she allegedly killed.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-lottery-murder-trial-dee-dee-moore-letters-17873983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}