Will Prosecution Retry Defendant in 'Loud Music' Trial?

Jury was deadlocked on murder charges but found Michael Dunn guilty of on 3 other charges.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Will Prosecution Retry Defendant in 'Loud Music' Trial?
finish to the loud music trial in Florida. Michael Dunn convicted of attempt T murder. But the jury deadlocked on other charges. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning to you, George. Since that split verdict, we have heard reaction from all sorts of people, but this is the very first time we're hearing from Michael Dunn's emotional family. Rebecca Dunn says she's barely stopped crying since a jury found her father guilty of three counts of attempt second-degree murder over the weekend. I love him so much. He's my best friend. I can't imagine living life without him. We the jury find the deft guilty -- Reporter: After 30 hours of deliberations, the jury dead locked on what happened that November night in 2012. Did the 47-year-old software developer murder Jordan Davis when he fired ten shots outside this gas station. Oh, my god, somebody's shooting! Reporter: Or was it self-defense as he claimed on the stand. I said, you're not going to kill me you son of a . He's protecting himself. Reporter: Rebecca was there for the start of the trial but had to come home for Iowa for work. Her father writes her frequently. Like this letter. Hello, my darling daughter. He talked about the prosecutors. They know they have such a weak case against me and no chance of winning. That's not how it turned out. Without a murder conviction, he'll spend the next 60 years in prison. For Jordan Davis' parents, a hung jury means a mistrial. They son would have turned 19 on Sunday. They provided us these pictures of a birthday party they threw if his honor. We'll continue the stand and we'll continue to wait for justice for Jordan. Reporter: The state's attorney here is vowing to bring Michael Dunn back to this courthouse for a retrial on that first-degree murder count. Not that that will change his Te, George. Under Florida law, Michael Dunn cannot walk out of prison listen to this, until he's 107 years old. Okay, Ryan, thank you very much. Dan Abrams joins us. We haven't heard from anion of the jurors yet. Do you have a theory how they came to this decision? If you read the questions that the jurors sent out. It sounds like at least one of them was taking the self-defense claim seriously with regard to Jordan Davis. The only way to explain it then is that the jury can't agree on the shots that killed Jordan Davis. You assume that the first shots killed Jordan Davis. If you actually listen on the surveillance tape to the shots, you hear the pop, pop, pop. And then a pause. And then the other shots. And what it seems this jury did is say, well, we can't unanimously agree, beyond a reasonable doubt on the murder charge. We can unanimously agree at the second set of shots, that were attempted murder of everyone else in the car. As they were driving away. As they were driving away. You're hearing at the that means a minimum of 60 years in prison. Why is it necessary to retry him? Given the difficulties. He has 60 years in jail no matter what. It's not necessary. But I think in a case like this, the prosecutors want to do it. It becomes a case about justice for Jordan Davis. And no incentive for a deal going forward. No. A lot of people are saying, in the prosecutor should try to cut a deal to avoid a trial. The prosecutors should do that. I can't imagine Michael Dunn will do that. I expect the prosecutors to move forward. Not because of putting him away for X number of years. But because if a case like this, you want to send a message that says Jordan Davis' legacy is not forgotten. Thank you, Dan. And Jordan Davis' parents will be with us on Wednesday. His 19th birthday was on Sunday. Now to new questions about

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{"id":22549044,"title":"Will Prosecution Retry Defendant in 'Loud Music' Trial?","duration":"3:00","description":"Jury was deadlocked on murder charges but found Michael Dunn guilty of on 3 other charges.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-loud-music-trial-prosecution-retry-defendant-michael-22549044","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}