Fred Armisen on 'Portlandia' ending: 'There are no goodbyes'

Armisen appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about the making of IFC's "Portlandia" series.
19:48 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Fred Armisen on 'Portlandia' ending: 'There are no goodbyes'
Here if excuse me. Can be involved early and Janice I'm looking for a friend. I. Kerry. Thinks knows. And assume its disputed. Yeah that's turned around and you know what it outside and means to head up look who's here is my French Mary paying. Well. She sweeps off timing it's a clean always ask him to look feeling fit I'm so happy this company to. We check out this order maintenance thing. Perfect he's been every second together winning cyclist or favorite cheeses and you really. No because I didn't usual thing and I am like this like music and sent to you that are at a fast as soon as it's. I'm just myself Yahoo! needs is paying you know to subpoenas in Milan fashion. Because she watches over me what's fair and adults are protected. Dias. What ever won't movies TV musical that's happening she doesn't understand everything he's saying. Usually and down so some sort of look up that god. As a sex it's good seniors Jessica single bad. It's like live in the floor almost four is very hard so those middle Cuellar Heinemann. Lot of paintings of Jesus and Mary and the hearts. Now. I don't independent kinda nice to see if prosecutors does that mean I'm sorry what season tomorrow. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we would tell you what's happening in the pop culture. And I'm thrilled today you have the first time on the show mister prince arms. Who is now. Haven't they concede doing. Who is now waiting UK's Elway is now ready now wait he's on season seven four on media and law. That nine Butte road. I appreciate it thank you so much and glad to be doing probably in the the very lucky camping we got this far. I heard that he's he is beaten. Yes and now I didn't know what you do it in because it is here that economic announcements yet. And the next thing you know they're getting back together and break up and getting back together so. We kind of casually like maybe we'll do eight seasons and and it became this official word. Ultimately it's CDs and yet will it look it seems like the right amounts of some control program. But I keep seeing. Comedy groups get back together. You know like Bob and David in. Even Nasional has a lot of reunions and you know I said goodbye to as an ally a member and then I'm I'm on pretty frequently. In house a house that says is there is my last however and right to it within months that's I think that. Big announcements of like he and it doesn't efforts and doesn't. At this and act actually count and then before you know it it's people act so when it mean to say is that there are no good there are no good buys. Of that right it's a great thing. But when you're shooting at this what landed here in new living in port yeah how much of the year do you spend. Eyewitness not shoot. Alas I go back have a place there it's it's like the way people here have a sort of country house Stater. On Long Island for me my place to go to is partly I've been going there since before partly via. And I I think it's a great place to be I don't know if you've ever been I have it now I feel really bad about it. Don't think she bats just picture it picture like this picture like Brooklyn but without man. Like a sort of if that other big knowing he had. Instead of think music forest. You beautiful trees it's overcast. Nice old buildings it's just really pretty and we seeing all that and and yet you and Carrie Brownstein constantly make it. In the bering loving way it's it's all of kindness they were making fun of ourselves as I am of that culture. The culture that goes tonight. A restaurant that has a chalkboard Wright gave him. You know local food is enormous and I am drawn to those things I remember that literally and theories with yeah yeah I am I am there's a lot of provenance of that you. Yes rated compartment and didn't have friends friends and the green. Felt what you're doing on this is that. You think you know where to go. And you never did. That's fairness in openings it's really hard to. Well that's you know. It's our writers it's it's Carrie thinks the money went with you I'd be one of writers but we have we have others and what happens is as soon as it starts feeling like. Little predictable. Someone comes up an idea but let's try to keep it kind of cartoon. This little bit like we used kinda Simpson's as a model. You know the Simpsons have a lot of turns and surprises as we we try to go for that. It's kind of it. A Springfield and he can go anywhere which is the great thing that very lucky you can be in drag Wednesday. Yeah you can be super much of an act you act carries and he does everybody can do what one yeah. Which it. Mean to me it's so great that you. You know. Drumming. Band leader who are you princess mine yet. Musical loving what punk get the app carried being a manifestation. Of that yes this is what she is. Now doing this kind of comedy show at the yes how does that happen. Take me back from head to the beginning when the idea first dawn. Well. Kerry being an old friend of mine guitar player for Slater Kinney I was at SNL and. I just thought for five and advocate for arrests you to a project yet so instead of doing music which is predictable let's form a band. We thought let's just make little videos. Just put on line who knows what that'll be the lessons do it for no reason. And there's a freedom and an office that we had three videos for lot of Wear the feminist bookstore. Five Ellis and we have a whole. A whole slew of videos that were sort of template for change now. Remember my manager was like what you wanna do next but let's we have all these idiots do so with this. I've C came along. They were open to it. There's Russia was so we never really had to a pilot area battles in the keeps him too easy I think we'll think they can do this now. I want people to think you can hear. Because it was. I can't do something with that it was very easy all of a sudden it was just because they wanted to do all the things happening I've been very fortunate I'm. That's not lost on that I get to play music advocates you comedy with Kerry. It's going to be gets you important. Then I come back to New York then I am them here you know it's just like. All of these things. I'm very very lucky because. That things that you are instantly streams kind of comedy and it's weird mix it and we know but don't realize jokes and but thank and I've been very very lucky. That you know and with a lot of support. You know you can't support you get. Awards. Emmy nominations announcement but what happened with Portland. Which was wonderful and scary to me at this thing yet is that it won a Peabody. What when that happens I don't think anybody really knows what Peabody award is sure except it's really important. Right and then you begin to think. Whole. And what have I done. Oh yeah like oh something now yeah really making very profound statements as well being funny. And there's no preparation for this sort of announce it and and I kept running silica you sure like to us to wait a couple of years wouldn't come up in the pieces. But that's the beauty of that award and that's that's my favorite causes no can meaning there's nothing. There's no announcement for it be before him like these of the nominees as is all of a sudden suddenly European body war yet and number changes it for years. The number keep Eisner. We always following you will be Peabody award winner Yasser that's right. Can anybody working on Portland beat come up with an idea. For some. As a ski or what I would definitely definitely people do you sort of timing and in you know equalized just in our department. They'll come up with something and then we just. Incorporated sister who came up with this season the millions. Film festival male movies because they're just not making him. We pat that was a group effort because we cap the discussion kept coming out. Some. And we've just. Taken over and like directors and and and and that TV industry of film industry I mean it's a kind of joke but we're right. There's nothing special about being a man if you know we're saying this in this sort of making fun of it that we just not like let's do something and it's all about like whatever happened to me. So that's of that came from an amazing thing that's Kathryn Bigelow had taken all of our yeah even just women all the time and in the comedy world I mean it's just. Men the name of a man has less of it and so it's on a complaint it was just sort of Joseph Q where address all. And Albert that I think might be a lot of women that which is what you're right here exactly an industry ruled by the marvel and he com and yes I could double. Joseph I mean it. But that's what's great about we we we don't ask don't even know what the joke is just like that's does do something it's about a Mendes film festival what I mean it like I said when ever I'm watching this in this it is begins. Is once get the two of you doing where you're getting directions for a wedding in yes. And you know you all I pray that yet. I can't. The GPS isn't working and your house you can go to will match you ask somebody and if that is all lumpy everywhere pebbles and your car's going over some weird though in. There's little teeny signs everywhere like that's where it of the wedding it's always. The same kind of ordeal with cutesy means it. We know the banquet hall and then you're always running into practically traffic jam other people looking for webcast live in that same I flee. A trivia which is now turned into commercial and yes and then this he dad did build into. Just writing into the way. Yes the only land via. Well I'm saying that because there's nothing like it. We'll have you deserve the Peabody Beers. Q I appreciate what we I have to note as well. Did all this start with you where do you mean. Your mother is Venezuelan yes Europe. German and Japanese. Grandfather Japanese. We Leahy and with all those cultures. I think that. It's because. I'm first generation American it was this feeling remembered schools as wanting to fit it so it's sort of charade of being American and my parents have accents it's the sort of China trying to fit in I think advocate comes from there actually some good acts that that's nice of you say about all come off you can really do. Thank you for yes thanks a lot it's. It's just. You know that do who wants it to do the right thing to be to do things the right way so. I think I think that's when it comes from. But sometimes when you've got to do somebody you're. The times and played Obama. Yeah what you do and suffer through finding the right way to approach to try. Do couple things. Try to please the writer mixed with the writer's happy. Listen to recordings. From the realism to the audio book but. And then at the same time do you try to not think about it just if you overworked things you just. Then I think on its content on. If you just clawing away at it so mr. fein a place it's like a little bit you little bit of the accident he listens to. And now the best hope that the jokes are that audiences and and you let it go did people on this than now after the show was over Doolittle Monday morning quarter backing. What do you do or say okay we're on to the next thing oh we're way out the next thing that yet because. And that's the beauty of it. But it's also. You can't you can't really get engrossed in in. In the ego so something goes rates on Saturday night. Monday in his. Old history. We have to reinvent yourself. So you can't you that she can do victory you can't go ahead it was in Akron on Monday got a new homeless. You everything is that he knew religion or race that. That's good you could do it but psychologically. Sound like it's actually better for if you wannabe comedian it's better for you. Because you that this cleanup process and might mean you know like. I'm a genius. It really is forgotten. And it feels like like that's. So you are just meant to me in good thing. Well. As far as you know what as far as work goes I think I have a very healthy attitude towards work. Maybe a little bit of a workaholic. But you said that once I was reading some thing Maria said I have to be working class working it's like woody Allen's shark and yet he moved. Must be doing it because they love it. And while I have the opportunity. Absolutely. I want to just keep doing doing doing it and no I can't. There's off to a quota review if we uses I feel sorry for anyone I've ever gone out when he had what it. Com or something and that I've worked on on myself but. I think that that part of my life is where. I was more focused on work as more of kind of that's where my ego. Has has taken over and then. As the years have gone by have sort of try to keep that in check. And and you know I think what's accurate knowledge things like them and I think it's a move line and there's a new day I always look at you and Carrie Brownstein and think. He again. One what we have such a close. Reap relationship I knew. I mean it's. It's the best thing in my life. My problem is of intimacy that's where my name I have my biggest problems but with Kerry I have the most intimate relationship because. Because of the it sort of absence of the physical part of it. It actually becomes very physical and very deep and and that's one of the reasons I can. Forgive myself from it passed because I know that I am able I have they have to keep ability to have a close relationship some. And that's an out you get to meet a lot of people there guest post and I'm Portland he had there's a million people that come yet indeed. Makes you. Tim hijacker. From Tim and Eric makes me laugh in Jason Sudeikis really makes me laugh as a person. Tina Frey always makes me laugh and she's just says. Right thing seizures. Can really put an idea together and the sentence in a way that. I don't I get Matt and Mike that's how behind she could see it that like that you know. So she's. So many people make me laugh carrying of course. My Rudolph. Rachel droughts. Bob ordered Kirk make you laugh. Million people. That's being around people can make you laugh. Well it could be called to be intimidating you know and you can say evidence could you rise up to see Martin Short is really funny bill hater I mean every morning now it's like. And surrounded by good funny people you have great optimism. While it comes from I spent a lot of time playing drums and upon him. And we got nowhere alone time. Carrying my drums driving of and playing empty rooms. So. Empty rooms after after all of that. I cannot. All the send them doing comedy and you know this Peabody award you're talking about all these amazing that. I have of course I'm optimistic mind that is such a relief that. I didn't and out. You know suffering through the rest of that. Now and you guys are really lucky thing is a very much of it if it's. Yeah and you are making a slap and you're doing things that. You seem to want to do rather than somebody else coming in saying this is what you need to do it yes. Well that's that we always the first time the non we always in this shown song. What ever comes to you you could a turn this popcorn box and drum on it. Part time help make a mess everywhere I don't care used some people from that. I will not do not do that because popcorn makes the wrong kind of mess doesn't it what does it do. There's little bits of residue that even after you vacuum and stuff it's still program we proved be very grateful that did that. But we could do this on while Olympic ready progress on it. This is a sign that we actually. Rehearsed. And that we now together that we learn when we read it for you guys. And it's called it actually called popcorn it's really great. He. Are we doing this to happen I'd come get him remember it soon come a time yet V. He is for people and Ollie S&P. As far as them on our people and see is board China Lee and. Move. Is far. A. And our is photo railroads movie you loved so much and and is no no no. Thank you very. If OK so can we of the rights that now. We wanted another theme you know. It's nice to you knew that credit. In I didn't even come up with the end we sat in the room for a four and that couldn't come up with what the end should be until you and I think it was here this moment. Came up with known. So you know again creativity. Community won't get you your second. For a third of course you are what ever helmet. Indeed why.

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{"duration":"19:48","description":"Armisen appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about the making of IFC's \"Portlandia\" series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45485693","title":"Fred Armisen on 'Portlandia' ending: 'There are no goodbyes'","url":"/GMA/video/fred-armisen-portlandia-ending-goodbyes-45485693"}