Two Freight Trains Collide Collapsing Highway Overpass

Cars crash into the ground after train accident takes out part of the highway.
2:09 | 05/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Freight Trains Collide Collapsing Highway Overpass
Thank you, ginger. In missouri, a harrowing scene played out. Two freight trains colliding at high speed, collapsing a highway overpass. Abc's gio benitez is on the story. Reporter: Good morning to you, dan. When you look closely at these images it's more amazing that anyone survived. At this hour, nobody knows what led to that crash. This morning, ntsb investigators are pouring through video recordings to figure out two massive freight trains collided in southern missouri. Making a highway overpass come crashing down. He saw it unfold right from his back porch. My son told me, he said look up at the overpass was gone. Reporter: Abc news has learned that one train slammed into the other, broadside at an intersection saturday morning, derailing right into the support columns that hold the overpass up. Two cars were on that highway. Five passengers in the car never saw this coming. All survived. It's still something that should not happen. Two trains should not be at the same place at the same time. Reporter: This mess also sent two conductors to the hospital. At least one of the freight trains w transporting cars. Second major train crash in less than two weeks. Remember those metro trains in bridgeport, connecticut, when they crashed, 72 people were injured. New details into that crash, a special bar on those tracks had just been appeared. They told investigators that just before the accident, he saw a quote, an unusual condition on the track." Two train crash investigations under way this morning. In missouri all of those survivors are in good condition. And I'm told video from one of the trains is already in washington, d.C., For analysis. Lots of questions this morning. Gine being in a car on that bridge on that overpass. Thank you. Let's go to ron claiborne for a look at the developing

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{"id":19259387,"title":"Two Freight Trains Collide Collapsing Highway Overpass","duration":"2:09","description":"Cars crash into the ground after train accident takes out part of the highway.","url":"/GMA/video/freight-trains-collide-collapsing-highway-overpass-19259387","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}