Fun Cocktails to Make Your Holiday Sweet

Chris Kammerer shares some sugary cocktails that can be served with or without alcohol.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Fun Cocktails to Make Your Holiday Sweet
We have an American morning with a sweet yes this camera is here and signed a cemetery affect how are you know I wanted to -- I just ask government scientist who has no idea that it didn't like solid Jason usually some drinks frustrated he's wrong all the parties ray -- -- -- started with their check your facts and that's that's pretty -- Yeah that is our I like coming -- That has -- here all of these things are made nonalcoholic can be mean alcoholic -- -- adults which I personally recommend. However this has a pizza here we have kind of abuse it -- sour it's great for the kids it's like an event for the kids and wages are pouring -- it's getting -- is just just just divert it. There were -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then and what's this that's -- -- this bad boy right here is a seasonal cocktail the candy -- crunch. That has a little bit -- it's here that we put in there as well it's really nice doesn't -- -- it's -- -- very singular joy issuing death. And then we have are all around cartel to blow -- by far one of our more popular market in energy and -- -- right and yet every other. Half wits -- -- it's gonna team who lives a little bay -- Popper son there there. And I smelled gas is. -- -- -- -- -- Make bad things right and -- -- -- -- makers are -- on her. Never all the things he drink Pepsi any pop -- -- lawsuits yet -- now been released police said but it even got you during the final delegate pop -- That's good so ladies I'm here to demo with you today that most popular got it is -- lolly pop passion about what we're gonna throw in here is a little bit of sour apples here we're gonna have a little sour mix things were nice tang on that pineapple juice for some citrus. You know you got that that's how you around gimmick to parents duties for -- in this giant goblet of finding yes silliness and nonsense that a little bit a -- -- throw in there. Just for a nice touch and then the secret ingredient we have. Little find that suspect over here -- dry ice that's. I'm academics and all the bottom and then of course the best part about this is -- -- unicorn parts -- the candy necklace. I mean it's really great for kids yeah and adult this kind of it just entities you wired. And it's disparities. I'd want it's like an accessory with your drink it's really really fun doing abstractions not only currently. And as -- I don't another adding yet. -- -- I don't think I don't have -- why -- -- solidarity yeah. Mullah Omar didn't pentagon. I -- final demand that's not what you -- -- that this is just physically. And this is really got my address and hello. Isn't built to and then on to we're not just old -- leads we do you have a right through his -- ever yet the world that's leads this is whenever signature fund -- can we've we've viewers everywhere. It watchers online watchers. Where can they find the -- -- The sugar factories at 46 cans were street located in the Meatpacking District put all our country to all over the country at five locations in Vegas were opening up. At the Barkley center we are opening up all over the country right -- -- -- online orders to go online you can order stuff sugar factory dot com. For all your gift baskets stopping -- needs for the holidays are -- things get -- poppy confined. On we're excited aren't where the guitar pop our world famous guitar pop right there -- it's it's it's a black dress is jewel it's a -- stake its battery -- allow it up -- You put a protective cover on. He can keep views and it -- and I love. He's inheriting an entertainment I don't make -- all the time. We want to thank -- and more information. Governor and legislative. They could die yet cardiac Diaz and sadly that's that morning zero sugar high -- -- smarter and AM eastern for another Jimmy and --

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{"id":21246239,"title":"Fun Cocktails to Make Your Holiday Sweet","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Kammerer shares some sugary cocktails that can be served with or without alcohol.","url":"/GMA/video/fun-cocktails-make-holiday-sweet-21246239","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}