Boy Found in Claw Machine

The 3-year-old Nebraska boy had been reported missing.
0:40 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Boy Found in Claw Machine
-- frantic search for a missing three year old Nebraska boy is over this morning. Take a look where he was fast yes he just wanted to get his hands of one of those Fuzzy little -- is inside the plot machine. At a local bowling -- somehow. He got inciting -- -- -- I don't know how you get it it was. A marvelous speed but he is okay. They had to call the vendor to open up and get him out and guess what he got its way for -- -- I don't know that's rewarding. I tried it again IV will harvest about that it -- and no light I thought the openings relate -- big. But he'd found a way that's -- -- there isn't well yeah.

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{"duration":"0:40","description":"The 3-year-old Nebraska boy had been reported missing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23348126","title":"Boy Found in Claw Machine","url":"/GMA/video/funny-kid-video-boy-found-claw-machine-23348126"}