'GMA' lunch break with chef John Deloach

Deloach, the executive chef at LAVO New York, shares some of the restaurant's legendary recipes with ABC News' Gio Benitez.
23:46 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' lunch break with chef John Deloach
Hey guys welcome to the GMA lunch break you here with the active step to all of the votes from lawful and very. Here here that he. We'll let you know who live. Please. Can't you keep your. You if you get it today it looked overwhelmed because we're we're making the political. They plan is bigger very confident group. But we're talking. Very Italian very. Real room. You would he at a home. Bodies which means that might mean what is what is the Sunday. Don't want well with some good we've been human. So these are little neck plants. Yet you wanna keep prices down very grateful because they opened much easier. Make and they should be anyway they shouldn't have what we. The net and if you think that they opened easier if they were gone on the extreme eliminate it exactly. Don't help. I would venture is well. You won't want to take the clam with that changeup. Facing up. That you wanted to put the knife right it and the pinch the wallet he was this wanna get that is. Just like yeah. Apparently. You buy another plant it. Or it. Gallery just. It's just little bit open to break it open. You ought to try to keep apple. We have all the muted act went right at the port. It's so guys here are very skilled illness. Law vested in me. And that's how we were installed off. One. It's. The only thing. And you might find them. Sometimes we'll darker than others it's all depends on where there were obviously where these views are from Long Island news. Harvested. In the reached out that I. So veiled local. If fresh get a plan you would. Unit you know. I would hope so. News on this issue or one what I mean you're you're. Bernard. And we usually if he gets sixteen in order. Sometimes outlawed party would larger portions. But with that person up to the law we'll. With the word from the people are loving it held up in Pakistan with. Lou. They have plans in Pakistan. Next that we. Whose volatile who have house favorite programs. You're combination of help wiped out as well as. Why it red. And it's. Literally put from the the good book parsley. Oregano. Salt pepper and all. Very very simple presentation. You don't want alt welcome you don't want to mud brick from in the budget Q1 six. Like other public places. Tried different things. They plans we don't. It's what felt that haven't you hold little. Bush oh that's exactly what it is. Is this going. Oh home womb and I mean after the Italian detonate them alone and cadre to choose. Six season. I'm yours. Nice ways I wouldn't mind. The we we do shop it plans and save the Jews and we will sit by Terry stone lands. We've experienced this and so shocking moments plan. Then we'll look home. Apple actual. Well actually she's okay there we just want to. That's what does this with political football or call upon you due preparation Paula cluttered. Nasal or actually. Green trees. And it just enhances it. Aaron they don't put that on the one dollar equipment. From the well. One is but he's up. And it goes. This. We've gone through school. Two. Are we won't. The paper an hour ago we discover. That you guys have any questions or just the store might be about. What. Because the future events or you don't yet. We get up and in. The issue here. All that. OK tell Bob what we do your best we rocket. We land here. Would be good time. How hot water both what the rear shock and minutes and then lose. Cold water and injuring. And so recruited three. And another portion. And that's where you fit right right. This is what it would it will update. Knows what this off. And as the Greeks. Things. You can do with. We'll and kicked. Me boards. Home you'll. Do real well I'll. Me a lot of did you. National instrument. Should do it his open ice cold water. And and and watched him off. The crowd. I for what question. Just like you like we do it. Why did you not oh victory a lot of a lot of yeah Clinton sometimes they're tough area where there's a lot of lots and head of the local act. What is wrong. The golden brown wallet is that real I'm not. It could be out there we'll. We'll. Actual you know we have an obligation. Is written in it would. But it Nazis. Like. Who would definitely and then like lemmings who. Football world in this new book it and actually we. And that simple. Without help them. Home how long they could. How high. Very bad process that is what's the plan. We went to bed at home reminded very very what's. Or about. Ten minutes. March 11 it much you paid what he. Put them about five wow good. Here. And do you mid morning or should have. Delightful about. National it's actually. Eyewitness. These are the plant near Brooklyn and they could go ahead you're just joining us we are here with the executive. So it doesn't make plants have been. Mere. This is that we would of course. You thought. You I am. You know I don't exploited. They planned for the first time. The first time if you vote your. Did you grow up in Miami. Q I definitely my hello. Or. The ratio. Made. Well. So that vote for the current problems you have there when he hasn't. What. All it. Time. I'm Rick and hope. On the job. On the I was you know that we. Wow you'd call it is we tropic brought very fine. In which we judge that we've coupled with the volatile mix that with the right but gets caught. No it won't rich flavor but yet it's sort of sort of separate nothing nothing wet. I've made him yes I. Forgetting govern our next one reason the everything in place. They. We do it made. A lot of polish city three and thought. You really want to get the flavor of wrong. Home court. Helping hand and forty flavorful. What this issue. Like now. Like an operator which did not GoDaddy. Right. This is. Could around that big electrified me. Wait that is good about that whole. Very. Oh. Read. And our day because we're. Today. While. That's what Paul. What. If that formal. All of formalize its columns on the the lakers white morning. Any questions here come and and it's. In Hungary everything angry at local. People are. Or go to. So what. We'll. What kind of like mind. Drive through every few jokes over normal long some don't want you don't want these good stuff I don't wanna take away. This is doing. Oh. What what. With a heavy cream bread Tikrit. We do step by. And we're going to put spaghetti. Because we want this brigade approach in the sauce go to one that you won't suck it won't let you want. Just they don't want facility Walt Walt yet you want and and you don't own admissions office. Steps on talk. You know always wanted to make. They and as low speed. Eight right right. They're complete. Big issue. Officers go. Little on the. Complete work. The good things. And here. Yes there at the end. Manila. We know we just we could ruin the surprise trip to take extra drugs narcotics reveled. At that that would fit. (%expletive) up. We have that cooking. You know the plot pretty much that we. Which it. All we. We want that you don't he. A well although mommy. What happened the you'd like that accident Bob and arts talk and be easy with the salt. Oh. That's when we'll clean but this isn't it should be clean beaches. What it would seats in the it should be should stand up. Or. Should be you know that you'd be flattening should have been tripping out. So that's ahead and we at the secret ingredient. An adult. We use pasteurized. What ankles or. Should. Still all done things. Totally felt you know. At all. What she's in part. Nice and we'll take. Thank god we. What we would arrive. The. Question. That's it. You don't I think this video. You might be. America the camera and you know there's Tony our producer wait. Area. Right to take it. What they're doing well back spoon boy. Like they. That's a real novels but it. He doubted. Pocket though not yet. Should be which go to B. Better days ago. That's that's that before we are people are asking. People like you make an entire menu here the happy couple problem ethical a lot of other I discovered that. Then does the she's having the civilian law that he is all right with that look like that's a felony. We're looking at and we would cave inspections every day they wouldn't have got. Actually sample. No carrier. To a busy with that. Out. Which variety of possible. Quality and would there. And so you'll come up with these this you'll become publicly he would six. Who also almost did what's what's in the market. Would what's available or stolen vegetables. What what they'll. Thanks we'll. HealthSpring is. So that's my air time fees. Making. That very solid very finished. What's happened I view of what. For. All right thank you saw a morning. Both of your news. And and we'll be here they're coming up we'll. Those who think the little money back right I think Virginia and a woman and they don't Greg the.

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{"duration":"23:46","description":"Deloach, the executive chef at LAVO New York, shares some of the restaurant's legendary recipes with ABC News' Gio Benitez.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45466744","title":"'GMA' lunch break with chef John Deloach ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lunch-break-chef-john-deloach-45466744"}