Gymnastics shakeup demanded after ex-doctor's sentencing

The U.S. Olympic Committee is calling on the entire USA Gymnastics board to resign and authorities in Texas are investigating the famed Karolyi Ranch as more of Larry Nassar's accusers speak out.
4:46 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Gymnastics shakeup demanded after ex-doctor's sentencing
The latest on the scandal rocking the gymnastics world. The U.S. Olympic committee is calling on the entire usa gymnastics board to resign and investigations are far from over. "20/20" anchor Elizabeth vargas is here and you had an opportunity to sit down with some of these young, brave women. I can say it was a privilege and an honor to sit down with these women. They call themself sister survivors and together they rocked a Michigan courtroom with seven days of excruciating courageous testimony it facing Larry Nassar and gathered 19 of them to talk about their experience and they made it clear they are not stopping in their quest for justice. The numbers are staggering. More than 150 accusers, one assaulted at age 6. Larry Nassar's punishment, 40 to 175 years behind bars. Do you think that Larry Nassar got what he deserved? Yes. I sat down with 19 of Nassar's accusers all of them telling me the punishment for Nassar's crimes shouldn't stop with him. Show of hands, how many of you do you think justice still needs to be done? To who? Usa gymnastics. They've already stripped the karolyi ranch of any status as a training center. Is that enough? They should have done that a long time ago. Reporter: This morning authorities in Texas tell ABC there is an active investigation of the famed karolyi ranch run by husband and wife team Bela and Marta karolyi, an isolated compound where they trained for the women's gymnastics team and the former doctor once worked. 2010 national champion Mattie Larson says Nassar abused her at the ranch and once smashed her head against the bathroom floor to avoid going back into the toxic environment at the ranch. I was willing to physically hurt myself to get out of the abuse that I received at the ranch. Reporter: While the karolyis have not been charged with any crime and have not been accused of knowing about the abuse the couple has been silent throughout Nassar's sentencing. Last week, usa gymnastics severing ties with the ranch. Overnight the couple's lawyers telling us they are in an undisclosed location and are not in Houston or at their ranch. If they were aware and absolutely knew or had reason to believe that there was criminal activity afoot on the ranch and failed to report, then, yes, they could be held responsible. Reporter: The karolyis are widely known as the best trainers in the sport. Coaching some of the all-time greats from Nadia comaneci to Kerri strug. You will see the winner type, the one who elbows through everybody. Reporter: The winning was the goal. Some of Nassar's victims say they wouldn't let their daughters anywhere near the sport. I know some of you are moms. Show of hand, how many of you would allow your daughter to go into gymnastics if she said that's what I want to do? I just let my daughter start in gymnastics. I held off for a very, very long time. Honestly unless by the time that my future daughter hopefully by that time elite gymnastics will be different and someone amazing in charge, that would be really the only way I would be okay with it. Overnight the U.S. Olympic committee announced it is giving the entire board of usa gymnastics six days to resign or will be decertified. The chair, vice chair and treasurer of usa gymnastics has stepped down earlier this week but in a letter to usa gymnastics, the head of the U.S. Olympic committee wrote that the rest of the 21 members aboard must resign as well stating that usa gymnastics needs a fresh start and it's interesting to note that Larissa Boyce, one of the group of 19, she complained about this doctor nearly 20 years ago. Wow. If somebody had listened to her complaints, none of the rest of the women in that group of 19 would ever have been abused by Dr. Nassar. Something to keep in mind. When you know the volume of women that were abused, complicity, complicity. You know -- They believe -- they believe firmly more people need to be punished not just at usa gymnastics, the karolyi ranch, Michigan state university, this doctor worked in a lot of places and was hugely prestigious. Yes. So much more to discuss. Elizabeth, thank you for being with U and she'll have much more tonight on a very special "20/20." Going to hear from those brave women and more on our investigation at 10:00 P.M. Right here on ABC. Thank you again.

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{"id":52627048,"title":"Gymnastics shakeup demanded after ex-doctor's sentencing","duration":"4:46","description":"The U.S. Olympic Committee is calling on the entire USA Gymnastics board to resign and authorities in Texas are investigating the famed Karolyi Ranch as more of Larry Nassar's accusers speak out.","url":"/GMA/video/gymnastics-shakeup-demanded-doctors-sentencing-52627048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}