'Humans of New York' Post Goes Viral, Helps Raise $1 Million for Brooklyn School

Principal used momentum from famous blogger-photographer post to finance annual Harvard trips for her students.
3:57 | 02/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Humans of New York' Post Goes Viral, Helps Raise $1 Million for Brooklyn School
? As we said it's our thankful Thursday. This morning one school principal's ghoul to inspire her students, her scholars as she calls them that turned into a remarkable social media campaign inspiring the world. ? it was the picture that launched over a million likes. Generated over a million dollars and spawned an incredible movement. So what did you think when he comes walking up to you and approaches you and says, hey, can I take your picture? What was your initial thought? Where is he going to take me? Where is he going -- Which is the correct thought. Reporter: It turns out that picture started an amazing journey for this young man and his school. Blogger photographer Brandon Stanton behind one of the internet's most popular photo websites, humans of New York, stopped 13-year-old Badal for a feet's and asked who influenced you most in your life? Almost always when I ask that question, I've asked a lot, somebody will talk about their parents and he said, my principal. Miss Lopez and I was immediately intrigued. Reporter: Eighth grader in Brownsville, New York, told Brandon his principal inspired him because she once made every student stand up one at a time and she told each one of us that we mattered. Miss Lopez is like my second mom. Reporter: She makes you believe in yourself. Doesn't she? She is so, so devoted to these kids and their futures. Reporter: Brandon's post went viral which prompted him to meet this beloved principal. The two decided to harness the outpouring of support from humans of New York's millions of followers and start a fund-raiser so that students at the school could take a field trip to Harvard, a trip that would cost $35,000. Why did you choose Harvard? I'm constantly fighting with the kids and their parents and the teachers to say, you are definitely good enough. You are amazing and you're brilliant but my question was do they see it? Do they see how far they can go. Reporter: It has made over $1 million and counting. Enough to make the Harvard excursion an annual fixture for years to come but for principal Lopez the fund-raiser means more than money. You keep referring to the comments, not the money. No. But the comments are priceless. I don't even follow the money but it's the people, and today someone came in, Aidan and said I read your post and said, you know, if you need a volunteer, so what can I do to help? Reporter: That gave me chills. The million dollar fund-raiser has also given what I to after-school programs and a future scholarship program named after vadal, the scholar who started it all. Every dollar over $700,000 is going to send these kids to school. The attention I'm getting I'm getting it for the school and the school has been a big part in my life and I want it to be a big part in everyone else's life. Simple picture like that taken by Brandon, just over $1.2 million has been raised so far and counting going on till today. No one talked about the money. They didn't. They were so touched that people were responding wanting to volunteer and do all those things and Brandon, humans of New York, his blog, and he's a story in himself. He lost his job and said, you know, I want to make a difference -- do something. Took up photography. Look what he's done. I'm glad they don't have to talk about the money. I'm glad it's coming in. The principal wanted to be sure that everybody knows she is just one of many. One of many educators out there make agent difference. Somebody in my mother's life did that. Wilma snegg and today is my mother's 91st birthday and she would have loved this story. "Breaking bad" fans, hold on.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Principal used momentum from famous blogger-photographer post to finance annual Harvard trips for her students.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28745652","title":"'Humans of New York' Post Goes Viral, Helps Raise $1 Million for Brooklyn School","url":"/GMA/video/humans-york-post-viral-helps-raise-million-brooklyn-28745652"}