Inside the Tiny House Movement Sweeping the Nation

"GMA's" Ginger Zee provides an inside look at the tiny living trend, and a sneak peek at "Tiny House Nation" on FYI Network.
3:46 | 08/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the Tiny House Movement Sweeping the Nation
? Suddenly I see ? Check this out. We are living large inside this tiny house. Here I am right on the corner of wee and tinytown. This one is a demo so you can get a good look. A sleeping loft but homes like this are where people really live year round. The new reality series "Tiny house nation" is where you can find them. Here's a look at a tiny living trend. ? from tiny dogs to tiny cars, even tiny "Gma" anchors. Let's get a look at the weather from ginger. And now tiny homes. It's your new home. Beautiful. Oh, my god. The tiny trend is growing so fast there's even a TV show about pint-sized palaces. Tiny house nation so what's the big deal? Basically makes you feel like James bond because you have things that fold out of the wall. Everybody likes to show off their gadgets. Oh, my gosh. Tim and Shannon's 210-square-foot studio features a dog crate island. For the dog. Dog food. So cute. You like to have guests so what we did was make this actually leaf out. Now it turns into your kitchen table. This is awesome. Normally this would be a bedroom. We managed to fit the bed underneath your office. They say their tiny home doesn't feel cramped. Like I hate to even call this a tiny house because it's really not that tiny. With a full kitchen, living space, music studio and sleeping loft it's practically spacious. One of the best things about tiny house living is the freedom that it provides you. For the kassel family the decision to downside was easy. We value our experiences together as a family more than our possessions. The hardest part, getting rid of stuff. It's gotten easier and easier to get rid of all the excess and now it's really exciting. Reporter: Aside from purging material possessions, the key to successful small living is all about creativity. Use the vertical space and furniture that does more than one thing and storage. All about storage. Gram, how is it going? That's something graham hill nows all too well in his micro Manhattan apartment. It transforms into five or six different rooms. So it's a living room. It's the office. It's a master bedroom. Living proof that good things come in small packages. Okay. I'm getting sold. I don't know about you. Let me show you a little something. We have a real tiny house owned by Dan lushay of Atlanta. We've got just a little something to show you. Hello. Look at this. So you sleep up top here. It has a very cabin feel inside and you've got a bathroom. Like it's an actual stand-up shower. Your toilet. You have that small mini kitchen. Everything is so cute and someone really uses this home. He was nice enough to let us borrow it. Little kitchen has plenty of room to cook and look at this. We even have some tiny cupcakes. They're delicious. I love it so we're really celebrating all tiny things but it does make you think like could we do this and we thought why not because it's getting a little stuffy. Let a little air in here and there's an actual window. Of course, isn't that nice? This is such a beautiful place. Lightning is perfect. Chandeliers in the other -- I think you could dress them up and see a whole lot more because we want to tell you that show is on FYI network. You can join us for that tiny trend and see a whole lot more. We want to thank our friends at Melissa's bakery for that tiny little cupcake. You can see that show again. FYI network Wednesdays on FYI. I haven't even had an idea -- I want to come out here one more time. Look at this thing. Baked by Melissa. Had the tiny cupcakes and we have the tiny houses right in times square.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"\"GMA's\" Ginger Zee provides an inside look at the tiny living trend, and a sneak peek at \"Tiny House Nation\" on FYI Network.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24943288","title":"Inside the Tiny House Movement Sweeping the Nation","url":"/GMA/video/inside-tiny-house-movement-sweeping-nation-24943288"}