Is interval training the secret to staying young?

Dr. Richard Besser discusses a new study, and trainer Chris Powell demonstrates some high-intensity interval training moves you can try at home.
3:05 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for Is interval training the secret to staying young?
new headline about exercising that could keep you younger. Our chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser is here alongside fitness expert author of "Extreme transformation" Chris Powell. This is a very interesting study. It is. It is. It's a small study that looks at two groups, younger and older adults and compared three different exercise routine, weight lifting, high intensity intervals and combination of the two and found all had benefits. Weight lifting clearly did the most in terms of building up muscle strength. High intensity did the most in terms of aerobic fitness but the cellular level the changes they saw in the older people's cells with the high intensity made those cells look more like younger people's cells in terms of how they handled energy. That was very interesting. That's a big headline to me. Yeah. So, Chris, let me ask you for folks who might be a little bit afraid of high intensity in those boot campy workouts that are nonstop, what do you want to say to them. The name high intensity interval training is terrifying to most people. Let's define it. It is aerobic training with short bouts of weight training 2 between. That's it. We get to control the throttle of our own workout. Doesn't matter if you're an elite athlete or haven't moved for ten years, go at your pace. It's all about complete, not competing. So high intensity to your high intensity. What about some quick caughts. Yeah, I mean going at your own pace is important starting to slow. For this study 80% of the people who wanted to join, they did not allow to join because they had medical problems so you want to make sure if you're starting for the first time you get checked out first. Can you show us? Absolutely. Come on over here. Dr. B., will he's take a look. We'll see aerobic weight and high intensity. Let's talk aerobic training first and foremost. Sustained higher your heart rate. See it with jumping rope. I got high knees here. Jumping jack, all that good stuff. Wonderful for burning fat, wonderful for cardiorespiratory endurance. I'll do a back lunge. Wonderful for muscle development and muscle endurance in weight, that's not a lot of weight. That will do it? If you want to lift some iron, that's great but push-ups, back lunges, squat, whatever is appropriate for you but now here's the key. Let's put them together for high intensity interval training and 20 high knee, combine it with 10 back lunges and guess what, now for high intensity interval train something that simple. There's a million combinations. You can do it so many different ways. Your cells look younger already. Yes. You like that? Right? But you get the benefits of the aerobic training and benefits of the weight training. You're able to talk while you're doing that. For most doing high intensity they won't have a conversation. It's all perceived exertion. You go at your own rate. Talk to your doctor. Make sure you're talking to somebody who knows what they're doing. That's exactly right. Thanks for bringing that. Coming up on "Good morning America," Tony Robbins is with us live sharing his best

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses a new study, and trainer Chris Powell demonstrates some high-intensity interval training moves you can try at home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45981605","title":"Is interval training the secret to staying young? ","url":"/GMA/video/interval-training-secret-staying-young-45981605"}