Jeremy Irons on 'Beautiful Creatures,' Son's Budding Acting Career

Actor discusses playing a recluse with magical powers living in an antebellum mansion.
3:20 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeremy Irons on 'Beautiful Creatures,' Son's Budding Acting Career
And we're back now with a brilliant actor, jeremy irns. He's the star of the new movie, "beautiful creatures." He plays a man who is determined to protect his supernatural niece. The accusations against my niece all spurious lies. For akrording to a weather channel, and you verify this on google, there were unseasonably strong gusts from the east, which caused untold destruction up and down the south carolina coast. So -- my niece will go back to the institution that they presume to call educational and she'll be persecuted no longer. You have got the southern gentleman down. A good, interesting character. A character written specifically for you. The movie and the novelist had a picture of you taped to the computers when they're writing Is that a compliment? I don't know. I'm never sure. What made them see you as the ultimate magical recluse? I have no idea. I have no idea. When you were taping, I heard this is some kind of a witches' tale. I don't know if witch is the right word. It's more love story. It's a supernatural story. At the base, the center, it's about two young people who are in love and with all the pressures that surround them. This is your niece. In some ways, a love story about dad and his daughter. Absolutely. Man trying to protect, as i think every father will understand the character. There was some kind of a ccurrence while you were taping. I don't remember that. I heard something supernatural happened on the set. Not that I recall. Tell us a little bit more about what you hope people get out of the movie. I hope it's -- it's about families. It's about when your child first analysis love with man who is never -- he's never good enough. He is always -- you always protect your daughter from that man. Thing all fathers, all families will understand. All children who are falling in love for the first time will understand a lot of the pressures from school friends, whatever. Upon their relationship. One of the young actors in the movie, alden, said you gave him great advice. You advised him to get a massage every friday. He was work something hard. I could see he was so -- I said, have a massage every week. Treat yourself to it. He took your advice? He looked well yesterday. This could be the year your son max jump s up to the "a" list. He's making a television series for starz, the white queen. He seems happy. Everybody I meet says, I've seen your son max, I love him. Thank you, jeremy irons.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Actor discusses playing a recluse with magical powers living in an antebellum mansion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18399697","title":"Jeremy Irons on 'Beautiful Creatures,' Son's Budding Acting Career","url":"/GMA/video/jeremy-irons-interview-2013-star-beautiful-creatures-sons-18399697"}