Jodi Arias Trial: Interrogation-Room Handstand Scrutinized

Arias was seen on tape doing a handstand just before being charged in her ex-boyfriend's killing.
3:05 | 03/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Interrogation-Room Handstand Scrutinized
their fun. Now to the bizarre video we just saw in the so-called breakup murder trial. Jodi arias doing a handstand right before she was charged with the murder of her exboyfriend. Ryan owens in phoenix with more. Reporter: We'll have more of the video in a moment. We'll see it, the jury will not. It has no question of the case, didí,: Jodi arias kill her boyfriend in self-defense and then forget all about it? After an unprecedented and still unbelievable 18 days on the witness stand. I have no memory of the stabbing. In circles. June 4th is an anomaly for me. Reporter: Jody areas is finally letting somebody else talk. This morning, the jury continues to hear from dr. Richard samuels, a psychologist hired by the defense. He says even though areas admits to shooting and stabbing her boyfriend, she suffered from ptsd and can't remember what she did. The memories don't form because chemically, it doesn't work. Physically? Physically speaking it's not possible at times? That's correct. Reporter: The prosecutor wants the jury to believe that her testimony that she has no memory of committing the crime is just her latest lie. He wants the 32-year-old put to death for the murder of mormon businessman travis alexander. Plans to attack the credibility of the psychologist who spent much of his career as a sex therapist. Here's bizarre behavior any therapist would struggle to explain. Jodi arias doing a headstand in the interrogation room before she's charged. She nosnoops through the trash and sings a tune by pop star dido. ♪ I can't blooet until you're resting here with me ♪ Reporter: When the detective returns and says she's about to be arrested, areas wants her purse to do some primping before this now infamous mug shot is snapped. That's a trivial question. It is going to reveal how shallow I am. Before they book me, can I clean up a little bit? You're going to be taken the way you are. I can't give you anything else. Reporter: Abc news has confirmed that lifetime is making a made for tv movie out of the jodi arias case. Like nobody saw that one coming. Thank you for that, ryan. Let's move on now. You may want to hold your breath for this next story.

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{"id":18753590,"title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Interrogation-Room Handstand Scrutinized ","duration":"3:05","description":"Arias was seen on tape doing a handstand just before being charged in her ex-boyfriend's killing.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-handstand-interrogation-room-charged-scrutinized-18753590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}