Kesha Sues Producer Over Alleged Abuse

The pop singer files a lawsuit against producer "Dr. Luke" for alleged sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse.
5:32 | 10/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kesha Sues Producer Over Alleged Abuse
Taylor swift with a big reveal on "Gma." And Kesha suing her long-time producer, claiming years of abuse. Reporter: This year Kesha fought back from a life-threatening stint in rehab. And now taking shocking allegations about the man she claims put her there with his abuse. The same man who made her a star. 27-year-old pop sensation Kesha, a regular on billboard top 100. And countless red carpets. But it was all put on hold when she landed in rehab for a reported life-threatening eating disorder in January. Now the pop star slamming the man behind some of her biggest hits. Long-time collaborator lukash, aka, Dr. Luke. Claiming physical and emotional abuse she claims led her to rehab and nearly cost her life. In a new lawsuit filed Tuesday, he started abusing her at 18. Alleging he continuously made sexual advances towards her. And on one occasion allegedly plied her with the date rape drug ghb to assault her. Andalled her a fat expletive refrigerator. And saying you are nothing without me. In addition to a variety of damages, she wants to be released from her recording deals with his companies. According to the lawsuit, during the two months in rehab where she talked about the relationship, the doctor's official report said if they continued a relationship, it would hurt her health. Reporter: They have co-written or co-produced 30 top tens. Working with Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Co-writing "Roar." But Kesha's mom said he pressured her to lose weight. At the time, denying the allegations. And now the megaproducer firing back, filing a defamation lawsuit of his own against the singer. Telling ABC news the mother and daughter duo are engaged in publishing outrageous and untrue statements to third parties. And their allegations are scurrilous and false. He claims they extorted him by filing a lawsuit with false complaints unless she was let out of a recording contract. He says it's nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts. And the attorney joins us now. You heard the countersuit, your response. Legally, it's amateurish. Why? But not unexpected. You can't have defamation in a lawsuit. You have legal immunity. Putting that aside, doesn't really matter. The lawsuit itself and the filing of is just a conuation of what he's been doing. He is somebody who's got way too much money for his own good. He has basically emotionally tortured this young lady for going on ten years. And she's finally to the brink where almost putting her into rehab -- putting her into rehab, almost killing her. And at this point, she's healthy enough to stand up to him. Tortured, almost killing her, why not file criminal charges? Everything is on the table. She's ready, willing and able to fight back. The idea that it's extortion is laughable. What she wants is him out of her life. These cases, so often he said, she said, how do you back it up. You look at the lawsuit. We have 27 pages. It's detailed in enormous detail. We have witnesses, we have evidence, we have fresh complaint. We have everything we need to do and very comfortable. This goes back a long time. What do you say to skeptics, why now? Why not earlier? That's feeling that now people are more accepting of it, number one. The public, the idea that this could happen. But I think even more importantly, she's at a place she's strong enough to make it work. That she can stand up to him. This is a frightening thing to go through. The date rape, the years of mental and emotional abuse. Those are things that I think anybody, especially at her age, when all of this started, would be devastating by. Are you saying now if the -- if she's let go from the contract, this all goes away? I'm saying we want her out of -- we want him out of her life. If that means out of the contract, that's fine. But protective orders are on the we want him literally held accountable. You're not going to try to file criminal charges if she's let out of the contract. I can't get into a quid pro quo for that. Everything is on the table. This is unfortunately emblematic of the music industry. This is a bigger story. She's here and strong enough to champion it. How is Kesha doing now? It's interesting. She's had a lot of trepidation about this. But she's strong. When I talked with her yesterday, I thought she was enormously resilient about this. She's in a good place.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The pop singer files a lawsuit against producer \"Dr. Luke\" for alleged sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26208404","title":"Kesha Sues Producer Over Alleged Abuse","url":"/GMA/video/kesha-sues-producer-alleged-abuse-26208404"}