'Living With No Excuses': Noah Galloway Visits 'GMA'

The double-amputee U.S. Army veteran is live in Times Square to discuss his new book, "Living With No Excuses."
4:29 | 08/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Living With No Excuses': Noah Galloway Visits 'GMA'
American hero, Noah Galloway, you know him from season 20 of "Dancing with the stars." He has a new memoir, "Living with no excuses" all about his inspirational journey from the battlefield to the ballroom. Did you like that graceful sit-down? I was afraid I would fall over. You are incredible and you talk about a real transformational moment for you, 9/11, the moment you decided you want to fight for your country. I was in college and seeing that, you know, the scenes that everyone in the world watched live on television, that was enough for me to drop out of school, join the military to be part of the fight. You found a passion there but then in December of 2005 your humvee hit a roadside bomb and lost your arm and leg in that and your recovery was long and hard. What kept you going? You know, there were several things. That's what I talk about in the book. People assume it was one turning moment that got me back into living my life and, you know, being a better father and getting back into fitness but there were several things. At's what I share in the book and go into great detail of my depression. You hit several low moments. Yi, I did. It wasn't just one turning moment. It was one attempt failed. Another attempt fail. It was just a constant roller coaster of emotions and I share that in great detail with this book. I love one of your quotes. You say I needed to quit I had left. How do you make that mental shift are it sounds great but it's really hard to do. I've been asked how long did my recovery take and honestly it took about five years. That's not just physical, that's the mental and emotional effects that had had on me and to recover from that. Incredibly you decided to speak up and share your story and become an inspiration for so many people in your same situation and in similar ones. Tell me about the courage it took to stand up and share something so personal. Well, I mean rat first it was just me trying to be a better father. Getting back into fitness and I started gaining this following as I was doing things then made men's health and went on "Dancing with the stars" and it was incredible, the reaction but this book, I share the sides of my story that people don't know about. The down parts and I did it because when I was going through those struggles, I thought I was the only one. I was hiding it from everyone and I'm hoping that it'll connect with somebody or someone ha may know someone going through that and see those signs to help them. Dealing with loss, whatever it is. You mentioned "Dancing with the stars." You were fantastic. I mean had you ever danced before and what did you think when producers said, hey, I've got this proposition for you. You know, I didn't want to do it. Asked me if I had ever danced before. They convinced me to do it. People were so supportive of me. I was not the best dancer on the show but I lasted the entire ten weeks, me and sharna because of what sharna burgess was able to do with me, tell my story through dance and I give her all that credit. Not just missing a arm or leg but no ability to dance -- You came in third place. Nations. What was your biggest takeaway interest that experience. The reaction from people and from veterans, week five I danced to Toby Keith's "American soldier" and that dance are the reaction from everybody was incredible. And that kept me motivated week after week to just do the best I could and to push and improve etch week. I know that continues to reach out to you. How can we do better to improve the relationship between vets and the rest of us. I'm hearing a lot of things from veterans. When I was on the cover of "Men's health" and on d"dancing with the stars," they were proud to see positive stories of veterans. Push those positive story, not just mine but others. Veterans are successful and don't like to hear the negativity that comes with veterans because even Vietnam vets, successful CEOs from fought in Vietnam and went through struggles and got help, went to college and have been successful and those are the stories that need to be told. Well, it is certainly an honor to interview you and your story is one to be read, Noah, thank you so much. "Living with no excuses." You can see more of Noah Galloway's incredible story tonight on "Nightline" at 12:35 A.M. Eastern right here on ABC. Noah, thanks again. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"The double-amputee U.S. Army veteran is live in Times Square to discuss his new book, \"Living With No Excuses.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41563083","title":"'Living With No Excuses': Noah Galloway Visits 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/living-excuses-noah-galloway-visits-gma-41563083"}