Thatcher Death Highlights PM's Contribution to Working Moms

People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses recent stories that have left Hollywood buzzing.
4:34 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Thatcher Death Highlights PM's Contribution to Working Moms
We kick off the "heat index." The hottest stories. Including drew barrymore's advice to moms. Halle berry pregnant again. Off the one. Game of thrones and mad men last night. I'm with you. And the titans. We want to begin. Margaret thatcher. You thing of 20th century great britain, winston churchill, and margaret thatcher. She became a leader, took amazing amounts of heat trying to transform the country from socialistic and making it more capitalistic just, again, an amazing fissing figure. The heat s took, the changes she made. Really something. You see her there with ronald reagan. They forged such an alliance across so many issues. She was called the iron lady by the soviets. They meant it as a derider. She loved it. Is there emplaced it. The parties have changed utterly by what she did. Before we get to the next topic, she was elected at the age of 34. Was the mother of twins. Yes. She was emblematic of the situation. She hasn't been well in a few years. But, now, to another working mom. Another working mom. There's a line between the two. Drew barrymore saying what a lot of mothers think, we just can't visit all. She's upset. She says it sucks that she can't do all these things right now. Right now, her child is young. Wants to see the child grow up. We have all done that, as mothers. That struggle. You have to make tough choices. It's rare to hear in hollywood. Usually, it's not that way. I think she has her priorities in order. She has a voice and it using it to say to women, don't beat yourself up. You can't do it palm. And it's bad and I feel bad about it, but I'm making the right choice for now. And on the mom front, ally berry, 46 years old, having another baby. Her child, she and her child, always engaged in a soap opera. There's opinion custody issues. Halle wants to move to france. At christmas, the men got into a fistfight. Spl she got pregnant naturally. That's incredibly rare. She's an incredible woman. Yeah. And they are incredibly beautiful children. Can you imagine? It will be a unique situation. Older dads a trend in hollywood. Steve martin, 57. Having a baby a few months back. Tom arnold, first time at 54. He said he went to a clinic iowa as a student and they said, your chances are low. Teg nothing, you can do so much. He looks forward to being a 70-year-old little league ach. Are we doing "mad men "? It was incredibly dark. Don draper is back to being a bad boy. THE '60s HAVE MOVED ON. I know that we're going to git -- I want to be careful for the viewers. A lot of people didn't stay up and watch the whole thing. I don't want to give it away. So many people do it on netflix, itunes. What did you think of the overall feeling? It was consistent. Is t the side burns are longer. The characters you have met remain the characters that you know. A good tease, rry. Thank you so much, larry. Up next on the "gma heat index" the overnight diet.

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{"id":18905351,"title":"Thatcher Death Highlights PM's Contribution to Working Moms","duration":"4:34","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses recent stories that have left Hollywood buzzing.","url":"/GMA/video/margaret-thatcher-dead-drew-barrymore-baby-halle-berry-18905351","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}